Sunday, November 25, 2007

Three Squares a day

Now that the weather is cooler, the dogs enjoy coming in more often and having small, regular meals. They are training me well. Bitty is just adorable in her little red raincoat (hooded,so she's red riding hood) but she no longer shivers and that's really all that matters.

Been through a lot of emotional mumbo jumbo the past week or so, and I've enjoyed having my pack nearby.

Dogs are so cool. They don't try to fix things or ask you why you feel the way you feel. A dog conversation is more like "Oh, feeling a bit low? I'm sorry to hear that, how about scratching my belly now?" Or "Oh, catatonic are we? Well good, fire up that electric blanket and lets' have a snuggle and a nap, shall we?"

Dogs just figure that when you decide to do something about it, you will and in the meantime why waste all that good body heat? Dogs are very pragmatic.