Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Kennel Time

The Poidogz will be vacationing at the kennel until the 21st of January.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Puppy New Year

No, no puppies but it made me happy to write that. The dogs were outside on a midnight potty run when the fireworks commenced. I ran out to watch, they ran in. It was no fun to watch them alone so I settled for a bath in what is now known as the chihuahua room.

But I got my first BIG IDEA of the new year....First, I thought the snake room could become the chi-room-but I can't stand the idea of that much carpet....then I realized, I have an unused 4 foot long, 2 foot wide, HEATED snake enclosure....a few extra airholes, some carpet, glass door left ajar, and viola, a temperature controled environment plenty big enough to become the first ever dog spa. I can get my bathroom back in the winter, but they will have a nice, carpeted (they love carpet) place to lounge....and if I need to contain them, I can simply slide the door shut.

This will work equally well in the summer when I like it cool and they don't!

I can't wait to work on the prototype.

Monday, December 31, 2007

The Fence Chorus

I love the sound of the trash talk at the fence. My pack's little voices and the mastiff's big booming voice. Sometimes the dainty husky throws in a howl. Of course, all hostilities are abandoned at the appearance of the common and eternal enemy-the squirrel.

My pack does, on occasion, howl. It's usually led by Greta and it is the most magical chorus of all. The sight and sound of any of my dogs with ears tucked back, and nose to the sky, howling, fills me with such love and wonder. But, they are chihuahuas, not timber wolves, so it's a rare and wonderful thing.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Beam Me Up Scotty: In the beginnng

Beam Me Up Scotty: In the beginnng

Omigosh, how time does fly.

Let's see-Scotty sold, cubicle bought, given away, Cosmic Cowgirl bought and ready to roll.
I had to add a new trailer hitch to the truck (the one I bragged about in January was crap).
Foot surgery -complete and healing.
Midlife crisis-still going strong-but I've moved back to Oklahoma City and into the frying pan that created who I am.

Uncle John-going downhill a bit, but still a few blocks away-he will never be far away from me until he passes away, and then he will still be with me.

Snakes-lost 20 ish in an ice storm, 3 survived. Dogs-picked up an elderly chihuahua and she's doing fine. Cat-still the boss.

I'm still toying with the idea of joining the urban chicken movement.

I dumped a lot of stuff moving to OKC but have picked up a lot more, however I no longer consider it a moral failing. I try to pass on what I don't use.

The Cruiser (bike) has a new friend coming next week-that was my Christmas/Birthday lost over 50 pounds present to myself, a really nice, road ready hybrid to take with me on the road-I'm thinking about having a carless month sometime in 2008.

Mom and Dad-two houses down, drive me nuts, and I love them dearly. And yes, I'm still glad I came "home" for awhile.

I still have the brand new saddle I bought-we'll just have to see what next year brings, won't we?

March On

Prissy's trainer really wants Prissy to come back to class, so we are going to try again when I get back in January. I was going to take one of the bigger dogs, and I may well enroll Greta in her own class, Courtney thinks Prissy would be a fabulous therapy dog, so we are going to keep working on it.

Truth is, Prissy was doing fine with class, life just got complicated. So, we'll march on in January.

Rough Night

Dottie had a bit of a rough night-she coughed a lot (fluid retention around her heart) and had trouble getting comfie. So I did my best to make her comfie and then just wrapped around her and held her. It comforted us both.

Today she's a little better (nights are rough on her) and she's dozing in the sun, my grizzled little companion of so many journeys, so many sleepless nights.