Friday, August 3, 2007

Greta Report

I have to drive down to Lewisville tomorrow so I took the 2 spotties and Cody to board. Greta is riding shotgun-she's the only dog that truly enjoys riding in the car.

She was a bit nervous when we all left without her, and when I got back she looked for the rest of the pack. But, once we went for a walk down to Mom's she settled into the only dog spot with great enthusiasm. She let Mom feed her and insisted that they both hold her and rub her belly.

This was a dog that snapped at everyone when I first got her. When the male vet walked in for her first visit she huddled in the corner and peed from fright.

After I got her she was spayed and then had extensive hip surgery a week later. So you might say this year has been tough on Greta, as well as whatever happened before I got her.

This was also the dog that napped under my wheelchair while I recovered from surgery. Greta just happened into my life at the one time when I couldn't put an animal down for being crippled.

Greta's hip won't allow her to walk far, but that's ok because I can't either. Today I have real hopes for her as a therapy dog-she's young, she's enthusiastic, she isn't afraid of wheelchairs and she likes to be touched.

Once Greta understood I was pack leader, she never offered to bite me again (night one) and with a little work (mild correction) she came to firt tolerate people and now enjoys them. This is August, Greta came in late January. I would say that is remarkable progress for a remarkable little dog.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Rescue Profile 2

From Oklahoma Chihuahua Rescue

This is Maria. She is a 2 year old purebred chihuahua. She is very sweet and fragile and needs someone to be very gentle with her. She weighs about 7-8 lbs but is a little overweight. She would be a wonderful companion for an elderly person as she is so sweet and loves to sit in your lap. She is spayed, current on vaccinations including rabies, and is on heartworm preventive. She is very smart and loves to please her owner.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Divided Loyalties

The lady down the street has 5 chihuahua puppies-yes they are for sale. Gorgeous gorgeous creatures, each one it's own little furry person.

I always feel guilty when I "want" something like that, because there are other dogs that are just as deserving of homes that no one will want.

Now admittedly, sometimes I'd like a little roll with Brad Pitt....and I don't feel a bit guilty for it. But, wanting these chihuahua puppies makes me feel bad-probably in part because I could really HAVE one, whereas with Brad, oh well.

And yet, I couldn't love the gorgeous blue puppy any more than I already love Greta. An in fact, I could buy the whole litter for a lot less than I've spent on Greta's health. So, maybe I'm not such a bad person after all.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


I spent the day at my Aunt's house today and was enchanted by her rotund little schnauzer Mitzy. That dog put the soul in soulful eyes. I'm glad my aunt has such a loyal and devoted little critter to shadow her every move.