Thursday, November 29, 2007

My turn Ma!

One of the nicest things about dogs is that just pretty much tell you how they feel, no guessing required. Prissy reached critical mass today about 1:30. Yesterday was Bitty's morning to roam, then Greta got to go in the car, then Dottie spent the night on my pillow. There is only so much sharing a little dog can do.

First she got severly reprimanded by Cody for trying to bully away a bone. She moved into the sun light, flopped down, the picture of rejection and utter defeat. So, I waited a bit so she wouldn't associated stealing bones/fights with anything positive, then I called them all in.

"Let's go see Grandma Priss"

She could hardly contain herself walking down the street. Grandma was busy, but managed to chop up a bit of steak for her treat. She romped in the backyard a bit and was ready to come home again. All was well with the world.


Lawyer Mama said...

Debra - Don't feel bad. It's really me who's uncool. Wil Wheaton is an actor. He played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek the Next Generation and he starred with River Phoenix in Stand By Me. Those are the 2 he's most noted for.

It's a childhood crush. Sigh.

Debra Kay said...

My gosh he grew up!