Saturday, August 11, 2007

Why I will never make money with animals

I've ended up with too many male ball pythons and am going to rehome (sell) a couple of the young ones who are now feeding well and handling well. I ran an add and stated that I'd be asking question and would require parental permission if the potential buyer even looked under 18.

A Mom with two young boys responded, the ex-(still a friend) took the ball python with him in an amicable divorce.

So, now I'm struggling with the desire to just give her both the extra males (she has two boys and wouldn't that be something special for them to each have a snake?)

It's a choice between making money and doing real good in the world. And it doesn't matter if she has money or not (despite what mother says). What matters to ME is that I did something nice.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Rescue Profile 3

This is Nacho, a sweet little 7-8 month old Chi/Brussels Griffon mix (owner surrender). He weighs about 5 lbs at the most and is very friendly. He is very small and built like a chi but has long wiry hair like a brussels. He would probably do best in an adult home as he has not been around children and we don't know how he would react. He is fine around other dogs but we don't know about cats. He is crate trained but we are not sure about house trained; however his previous owner kept him in an apartment so he might be. He is not a "yappy" dog and is well behaved. He is being neutered today and will be ready on Saturday. He is vaccinated (including rabies), heartworm tested and on preventive, wormed, and treated for fleas/ticks. His adoption fee is $175

Contact Information:
Elene Olah, Owner & Operator
Oklahoma City Animal Rescue
Oklahoma City, OK (Near Tinker AFB)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Not mother of the year...

So Monday I slept too long during my nap and didn't go pick up my dogs. Now it's not like I abandoned them on the street, but I felt really bad about it. They didn't appear to care on Tuesday when I picked them up-thankfully dogs don't use calendars.

Greta was more relieved than anyone-she isn't used to being an only dog. She likes the attention, but she's more relaxed and at ease when the pack is there. Probably in part because they can run and it relieves stress.

I took the Spots down to Mom and Dad's and then they did front yard chores with me. I've been pretty consistently rotating who I spend "alone time" with and it seems to be enhancing how the dogs behave as a pack as well.

Greta likes car rides and to visit Mom and Dad. Spotties like to visit Mom and Dad. I'm not sure what Cody's niche is-he hates the car and is awkward on visits-however he's doing much better with people we've all noticed-even the vet techs.

Greta, the abused one, is now an attention sponge. Cody is just shy-he's a shy dog. Having Mom and Dad one house down has been great for him-not everyone is a STRANGER.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Riding Shotgun

Greta had a big time riding shotgun to Lewisville, and I enjoyed the company. She was very well behaved in the truck-a real pickup truck with only one seat. She slept or sat in the passenger seat and was a decent little dog-except for the farts. She was also very well behaved at lunch time, waiting patiently for her share.

I was watching Breed all About it-and the featured dog was the collie. I immediately began searching for collies. Of course, I recognized the symptoms of a complete impulse and did not follow through. I really do understand how collectors get started-either out of the urge do "good" or just the desire for a dog who will make us something we are not. That's a lot of baggage to place on a "dumb" animal, or any animal.

I think a lot of people buy dogs with the energy level they "wish" they had, rather than what they truly have. If you are overweight, with bad legs and a pack a day smoking habit, a Labrador retriever is probably not going to inspire you to run 3 miles a day, but a nice Peke could get you started walking around the block.