Saturday, August 25, 2007

Horney Toads

Ok, they are technically horned lizards. I just bought 10 of em and I am going to breed them to return them to the wild and use them for educational exhibits. Of course, first I have to get them to survive and breed. Oh, details, details.

I haven't heard from Dr. Means regarding the blotched kingsnake project-I think he's in Europe, but Elvis is ready to do HIS part to save the species as well.

Now, these things have absolutely nothing to do with dogs, or do they? I think that herps make good pets and in many cases are appropriate where dogs are not. If you don't have a dog lifestyle, maybe you should think about a snake or a horned lizard.

Friday, August 24, 2007

FOUND Pomeranian in Wellston Oklahoma

It never hurts to post-maybe someone will google and find this.

Sleep therapy

Sleeping with me is good therapy for Dottie-my movements cause her to move and keep the blood from pooling-and reduces her cough. Sometimes it's the simple things that help the most, a friendly touch, a little body heat

Prissy is more insistent in her challenges to Dottie's authority. It's the way of dogs to sense weakness and try to improve their own lot. That was one of the first things that alerted me to Dottie's condition.

Dottie's appetite continues to be poor, and I will not force feed her.

In an odd truce, the cat slept at my head while Dottie slept at my side.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


My kids are home, but the vet visit was sad. We kept missing each other, so Dottie's test results remained a mystery until now. They confirmed what I already knew-early congestive heart failure and failing kidneys. So, it's KD and a water pill for her.

I knew it-I know the signs from being a vet tech and a dog person, but I really didn't WANT to know it. My girl will get the best care possible until the end, and if I have to, I will help her along. But I don't want to KNOW, even though I already knew.

The thing is, I am glad that I spent the money to have the tests run. One, I can extend her time left by treating what I can. And, in the end, I won't have to wonder if I did all I could.

End of life issues are tough with humans, dogs, everything. But, if we love them, we do not look away.

Dottie's little X-rays were amazing-such a tiny little thing, and enlarged, her heart was still a very small organ. A minature heart that has touched the lives of many. I just want it to keep beating forever.

Steve Irwin is talking (on a rerun of course) about death, one door shutting and another door opening. I wonder if he'd still say the same thing now? Humans leave things behind like TV interviews and books. What do dogs leave, besides the lives they touch?

My dog is going to die. Well, they all are, but her time is likely sooner rather than later. It's a moment I've dreaded for several years now, life without Dottie. But, I would still not trade the time we've had for any grief that may come.

Death of a Chicken

The chicken was not doing well-so I asked Bette to take care of it. The cycle of life goes on. I don't mind using the chicken as prey, I just couldn't kill it because I didn't want it. Either way, it ends up dead-but with Bette it will become food. Oh yeah, I guess I could've buried it and it would have nurtured the earth, but that seems a little far fetched even for me. Kill for food, not convenience.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Good grief-I've got full on missing my critters syndrome. I'll have cat and snakes tonight, and then the wild crew tomorrow. A week is too long to be parted, I'm going back to my 4 day vacations.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A forbidden hug

At a pet store I ran smack into a litter of boxer puppies......sooooooo cute. I had to hold one, I had to snuggle one and smell that puppy breath. I had to fight the urge to bring another member home with me. But I still can't walk well, or long and a boxer would need both. Match the dog to the energy/exercise level you have not what you wish you had.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Missin the kiddos

I have really enjoyed Jay and Sue, the kids and the cast of thousands (Mia, Buddy, Lexi, Herman, Mistie and Killie) but I am hit every now and then with a real pang for Pasht, Dottie, Prissy, Cody and Greta. Oh, and my parents and Uncle John too of course! I'm usually not away from them for so long a stretch and it is a little difficult to be without them.