Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gone Fishing Again

Not really but I'll be back on Sunday.

4 dog Action

I couldn't resist the temptation to harness up everyone and walk them in as a pack. We were the only clients at the time. Greta/Cody barked at a little girl in the office, but she was dog savvy and just moved back while I corrected them. When I get back, I am going to ask them if I can bring them over individually and sit in the lobby for a bit-socialization practice.

Anyway, I got to practice my leadership skills and everyone was fairly well behaved-I wasn't completely humiliated anyway.

Cody is passive agressive, Greta is nervous/potentially agressive (no wonder), Prissy is completely dominant, and Dottie is just wonderful. Each one requires a different solution and it's really good for me to work with all of them-my little four legged teachers/friends.

They've been gone an hour and I miss them so much. I have tons of stuff to do, for pity sakes I'm having surgery in Mexico tomorrow....and what I want to sit and think about is my lovely dogs. How's that for human/animal bond?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Off to the Vet Ho Hum Ho Hum

The kiddos are off to the vet tomorrow-and I may take them two by two since the vet is only a few blocks from here. That seems more reasonable than turning the entire place upside down by walking in with 4 chihuahuas. However, it's not nearly as much fun, is it?

I'm heading off to Tijuana for surgery and I wish oh how I wish I could take Dottie with me. She's my rock of Gibralter. This is it, the solo trip to Mexico-but it sure would be more fun with a dog along.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Ack A Giant Turd

A large loose roaming dog left a present in the front yard. A big one. I will spare you a picture lest this become a filthy habit (pictures of turds). But dang, people, I don't want THAT in my front yard.

I found the turd while I was photographing a snakeskin in a tree (see for that tale) but I didn't see the turd as part of the overall picture.

We have leash laws in Oklahoma City, but my neighborhood definitely has a lot of loose dogs. I don't like that. Some of the dogs are big, some are little. A am sure most are not spayed or neutered. A prescription for disaster....and a new chance for me to educate.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Queen for the Evening

Prissy got her turn in the bed-and she pranced around to the fullest extent of her prissy-hood. The goal of the exercise is "You will crate when I say, you will be allowed on the bed when I say." In reality, the dogs NOT on the bed are the dogs being trained, not the lucky pup.

I am also focusing on any type of insistent behavior-scratching at the door, etc. Greta is becoming increasingly vocal and excite able at feeding time, so we are all working on no treats, no food till calm and quiet.

Dogs are a constant work in progress, just like kids.