Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Caravan

So, the spots are in Oklahoma, the bigguns and the snakes and the cats are with me in Dallas-going to go OKC tomorrow to inspect floor, deliver furniture to Uncle John's apt. and drop the bigguns off at the kennel. Back to Dallas for Packing and to move Uncle John. Back to OKC. Back to Dallas to collect snakes, cat and furniture and move all to OKC.

Point is-moving with animals is complicated and expensive. It is probably more complicated and expensive if you are ME and don't like upsetting the dogs with people moving furniture-they always go to the kennel because it just freaks them out so bad. Yes, I COULD put them in a crate, and I have, and I don't like it and they don't.

And that is the doggy public service message for today-add moving and life changes to your list of things that should be considered when buying/adopting a cute little puppy. My friend Sue is moving 2 large dogs and 5 cats to Florida-and getting her head around what is best for the cats (quick drive) and the elderly dogs (frequent stops for exercise/pee is a task. And like me, Sue loves her dogs, so she wants the move to be as easy as possible for them.

Pasht sees the boxes and KNOWS and she is not a happy kitty. She hates moving because the cat is always the last thing loaded and that stresses HER out. The snakes, well, they couldn't care less. They are used to going in bags, boxes for cleaning and I doubt they will notice when they come out of the bag/box that the tanks are in Oklahoma City instead of Dallas. But I have labeled each one to make sure they go back into their tank with THEIR smells in it....yes, I do love my animals.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A migration

We (4 dogs and me) are heading up I:35 in the morning-it will be the last time some or all of the poidogz are in Texas. I'm going to be running back and forth for a few week, probably will be bringing at least one or more for company....but not all. A full scale migration is just too hard to pull off multiple times.

I'll probably end up traveling with the bigguns-Mom can watch the spotties for me and it will actually be good for the bigguns to have more social/road time. Greta is almost a normal dog at this point-Cody still only likes me.

The cat senses we are moving and is not amused. She has let it be known she hates any disruption in her life-but what she doesn't know is that she'll be allowed to go in the backyard in the new place. (no creek or owls) so she might just change her mind.

I did a prelim run on trying to figure out how long it will take to stuff 20 snakes in bags and clean out all the boxes, stack them......longer than I thought. And in keeping with the stress free to the animals philosophy, all handling must be done in a calm, easy manner.....oh lord help me.