Friday, January 18, 2008


Somebody peed on the bed last night and it wasn't me. BUT, Oliver held it while I was gone a really long time today, so all is forgiven. Yes, I'm easy and dang it, he is cute.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Deep thoughts

This link details the arrival of Greta on January 6, 2007. Oliver arrived almost a year to the day later. What is it with me and January-can't say no to a dog in need?

It was really funny to read about all my hopes and plans for Greta and how she would go on to a forever home. That turned out to be my home-I really didn't intend to keep her with me. But she bonded hard, she had a lot of fear issues to overcome and now that she's all better, well, I bonded hard too.

Greta has a good life, well fed, well cared for and she's happy. So, did I do such a bad thing by keeping her, spaying her, fixing her hip? There are probably at least 4 mutt puppies out there that didn't get born last year because I took Greta.

Oliver has the potential to wreck more puppy havoc, but the truth is, without medical care he probably wouldn't have lived long enough to reproduce. And yet, watching him snooze on my stomach next to the computer, I cannot believe it was a wrong thing to bring him home.

I CAN afford his medical bills. I can afford proper food and I can afford the time to make sure he is cared for, socialized, etc. So, when does it become hoarding? When is it too many? And who gets to say?

Better Safe than Sorry

Going to leave the dogs at the kennel for a couple more days-Oliver is doing much better, but I want to be sure there aren't any buggy surprises in his feces etc. Also, this will likely be his last chance to be an only dog for quite some time.

It's expensive, but not as costly as losing one of the old dogs or having a pack-wide bacterial infection. ***shudder***

Oliver follows pack rules-potty outside, eat in the crate, in bed, lap at MY wish, not his command. We'll, he's learning the rules anyway.

I think I will introduce him to Greta, Cody and Prissy outside, after they have worn themselves out a bit. Dottie and Bitty intros will take place inside-Bitty is too nervous outside to meet a new dog, and Dottie just doesn't like the cold.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I am experimenting with howling when Oliver is fussy. It seems to calm him down-it's a doggy vocalization that says I'm here, I'm not coming there right now, but I can still hear you. I tried it yesterday in the car when he was in the crate in the back of the SUV-and it seemed to work.

The rest of the pack will be back tomorrow-my trip got cancelled and Oliver has been on antibiotics for a few days now, so I think it is safe for the older ones. Bringing a somewhat sick pup home has been an expensive proposition. I didn't want to risk the health of the older dogs, or stress Oliver out when he wasn't feeling well. But I am eager to have my pack back and whole again.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First Road Trip

Oliver road to McKinney with me today. He is feeling much better already but is going to take some practice to be a good roadie. He did potty on the grass like a big boy, although once he almost peed on my foot because he wanted to make sure I didn't abandon him in Gainesville.

Monday, January 14, 2008

First Vet Visit

Hookworms, roundworms, slight bacterial infection. Shots, vitamins for anemia, antibiotics and tummy medicine to settle him down, an easy to digest food to help out that tummy for a few days.

Oliver was not an "emergency" today, but without treatment the anemia, the worms and the bacterial infection would have probably killed him in a week or so. Without treatment, his siblings will die.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Oliver's arrival has been chronicled on the scotty blog. The world is full of throw away dogs and that makes me a little sad. Ok, that makes me a lot sad.

I'm not sure what Oliver's fate will be, heck I'm not sure what my fate will be. But I have to think that throwing in with us will give him a better chance for a better outcome. He looked a little young to be away from Mom, so I put him on goatmilk and high quality kibble mixture, and I think he grew an inch overnight.

Goatmilk is easier to digest than cows milk (I'm allergic to cow juice too) so it's a good choice for a new dog with a questionable nutritional background.

Bogey found a great new home (the one eyed chihuahua). Good things do happen to dogs sometimes-and it's important that we keep trying to do what we can.

I'm guessing Oliver is half Chi, quarter schnauzer, quarter dachshund based on observations of both parents and a general knowledge of who's who in the neighborhood. Of the remaining four brothers, I doubt any of them will make it to two years old. If you are so inclined, a prayer for them would be appreciated by all of us.

I'm going to speak with my vet and see if I can get a break on the cost to spay/neuter Oliver's parent's and aunt, and if I can, I will pay for it if the lady (owner) will let me. I don't think she's a bad lady at all, she seemed very nice, just overwhelmed with kids/dogs and life.

Lately I've come to believe you can do more by just helping than by preaching.