Friday, November 30, 2007

Not one size fits all

You would think with 5 similar dogs, I could buy one dog food. NOT. I went through all I had, then reformulated again to see if I can get optimal health.

Bitty and Dottie will be eating a senior formula, canned, twice a day and have some small kibble available at all times

Prissy, who tends to be underweight, will get an adult formula, twice a day, and have some kibble available at all times

Greta, who is ok weight wise but just loves to eat, will get mostly kibble (small bites, with a little of Prissy's canned for flavor.

Cody, who is a porker, will get low fat kibble and green beans for his mushie.

The cat gets senior canned and kibble.

The snakes are on a high protien diet of rats, mice and chickens, but I have to order at least three sizes to accomodate the snakes.



Forever Young said...

sorry i shoudn't laugh, but this is the funniest piece i've read in a long time, i can just see you with your apron on,doling out different dishes to each one. don't they cheat and steal off each other's plates? you are such a (wonderful) character, i'd love to sit in your kitchen surrounded by your menagerie(maybe not the snakes) and chat for hours!

Debra Kay said...

I'd love to have you in my kitchen. I feed them in their crates-it makes the crate a "postive" place for them and keeps them from sharing the wrong things. Several of my dogs were the "littlest dog on the totem pole" in other lives, so they appreciate the security of their crate and their bowl of chow.

Prozacville said...