Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Greta's Finest Hour

Today she'll ride shotgun will I take care of my Uncle John. She'll be thrilled. I am a little sad-taking care of Uncle John has always been Dottie's job, but she's too frail right now for an all day debacle. Prissy is too needy herself at the moment. Steady little Greta is just happy to be with you, no attention required. And she loves the car.

This morning was Bitty's time to be out and sleep whereever she wanted. Bitty is a funny old girl-she likes a bed in the living room. But when she needs to pee she'll tip toe in and stare. "Do you want to go out?" I'll ask, and she'll make this funny little growl bark that sounds just like "out". First time she did it it really freaked me out.

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