Saturday, April 19, 2008

Oh the Ingratitude!

I got up on Saturday MORNING to let the dogs out to have a good romp before I left for a bit this afternoon. Their holistic kibble w cranberry was met with a certain lack of enthusiasm.....spoiled naughty brat dogs......I love them though.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Spoiled Dogs

Because they were so pleased with yogurt, today I thawed and gave them their short ribs. It's official, my dogs are really spoiled.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


The dogs have had to eat kibble only, with a few treats, since the big pig ear/rib feast of last weekend. I have been forced to eat non fat yogurt because the store didn't have 2%. Thus, an idea was born.

I put a spoonful of yogurt in each dish with the night's ration of kibble. Omigosh! A feast!!!!! A probiotic filled repast of goodness.

I really love it that dogs are so easily pleased.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In the Dog Zone

I indulged myself in one of my favorite passive activities. Sitting on a bench and making myself absolutely still, so still that the dogs just went about their business. It is really delightful to share in their quiet joys, not the big "Mom is here" celebrations.

They romp and play and make up their own games, and every so often make eye contact to check in. Greta in particular is always very pleased when I join them.

I do like celebrations and crowning moments. I guess the last big moment we had was Lily learning to climb the stairs. But the little quiet times are nice too. Not every day can be a stair climbing day.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Last night I was eating my greekish salad (it had yogurt and cucumbers, therefore it must be greek) and Prissy came in from the outside. I guess she let herself in. She hopped in my lap and at that moment Oliver the parrot indicated it was about time for a peanut.

I tucked Priss under my arm and we went in to visit with Oliver. They shared a peanut. Pretty soon Greta and Oliver the dog let themselves in (most likely Greta with Oliver on her heels) and they suggested we have an early dinner party. So I loaded the three dogs in their crates, gave them some kibble and went to look for the others.

All three were waiting expectantly by the back door. They couldn't work out how to nose it open and it was rattling in the wind. Besides, why bother when the Gravy Train will come to you, pick you up and tuck you in?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Old Age

Bitty is really slowing down these days. On cooler mornings it's hard for her to get moving and her progress is very slow. It's time to begin applying the happy dog test to her.

Happiness for Bitty is difficult to measure, she's never been an exhuberant dog. I suppose for her, it's more of a question "do you still want to get up?" For me that's a hard measure-hell, sometimes I don't want to get up either.

Right now Bitty's big day consists of walking slowly to the back of the yard, piddling, then walking over to her blanket in the sun for a sun bath. But no one loves the sun quite like an arthritic old dog, and as long as she still enjoys it, she'll have it.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Not all Sweetness and Light

Oliver has hit his teenage stage-the stage when most puppies get shipped off to the pound. But, this is Oliver, and it has mostly expressed itself with a little more energy and a disregard for the potty protocal as well as an interest in chasing the old cat.

His Bitty bullying is getting a little more intense-some of that is due to his age and some of it is due to the lack of Dottie. She was a tyrant who would tolerate no young dog foolishness except for Prissy.

Prissy's bullying of Oliver has abated because he's twice her size, but she will still give him no quarter in the battle of the pink spider tug.

Lily is sometimes a part of the pack and sometimes not. Sometimes Prissy is her role model, sometimes Bitty. (Remember, Bitty looks like her sibling)

Oliver looks mostly to Cody, his idol, for guidance now that Dottie is gone. Greta seems a little stressed and overwhelmed by it all. I really hope she firmly emerges as the alpha. Having Dottie artificially place as Alpha above All was a huge mistake for a normal pack of dogs, and it was probably bad for Dottie as well.

With Dottie gone, that places Cody as the eldest by about a year. (Bitty is so much the Omega that she cannot impart dog wisdom).

I need to focus on keeping Greta and Cody in line and the pack will follow. The day to day care and movement of so many dogs requires a little structure or no one would be having any fun at all.