Saturday, February 3, 2007

Deep Freeze Idiots and Kind Souls

Some idiot burglar stuck a chihuahua in a freezer. The chi is Ok, but these folks are seriously disturbed.

I'd like to put them on ice for awhile so they could think about what they did.

On a brighter note:

Things are looking up for these little guys.

What is a Hoarder

They fascinate me, primarily because I can see how I could easily become one myself. Iwant to know more about it and I'm going to post a few inquiries and see if I can get some to talk to me.

It's the desire to do good that gets all mixed up and suddenly turns into a bad thing. Maybe I'll start a Hoarder Outreach-SAVE TWO, NOT IMPRISON TEN. I'll definitely need a new e-mail address for that one....

Friday, February 2, 2007

WHAT is a Backyard Breeder?

Ok, I get the puppy mill thing entirely-too many dogs, unsavory conditions, CRUEL conditions, without any regard for the animals well being.

But the backyard breeder? Ok, anyone with a few dogs who has no regard for the animals well being-but that is a PUPPY MILL.

What about the enthusiast who is just toying with dogs, and may or may not have any interest in showing? On some of the lists I belong to, anyone who is not cruel to their animals but breeds a line with a look you disagree with is labeled a BYB-back yard breeder.

Ironically, it is the same elitist attitude demonstrated by the "true afficiandos" of the breed that attracts the John Q Public person who wants a dog like "Tinkerbelle". Snobs of the world, and wannabes, get over yourself.

Also, what is a purebred dog, beyond a dog that can trace its lineage back aways by a recognized registry-regardless of the quality of the animal. Even the much exaulted and beloved chihuahua didn't appear on the earth a complete and new species-for shit's sake, it's just a dog. AND, it's a dog whose function is to be a cute companion. So, while I can understand somewhat the debate of the strange topline of the American bred German Shepherds (form vs function) it doesn't really require all that much to be a fully "functioning chi".

Here is a strange idea for you-rather than focus on name calling why don't we think about educating the dog buying public so that they take care of the animals they DO purchase? When an educated public makes ethical purchasing decisions, the Puppy Mill will be gone.

An educated, ethical decision isn't necessarily buying from a long line of champions, but from someone who takes good care of their dogs and is thoughtful about how they place their dogs. Whether those dogs were bred in the backyard or on a sprawling estate is of no concern to me.

Thursday, February 1, 2007


I've been certified healthy enough to visit the hospital and undergo surgery. DUH.

Actually, as Risk Manager, I appreciate the extra care and caution. It just seems a little ironic.

What will they think of next?

What a great idea. With the latest ice/rain, the kiddos could use one now.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Poi nap vs. Poison

The two big dogs slept with me last night. The spotties are in Oklahoma, being naughty I might add, and I was feeling puny and put upon and I thought a little dog pile would help. I woke up this morning feeling much better-the two newest Poidogz have great therapuetic potential.

I am sure it helped me to see the humor in the following incident:

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bye Bye Barbaro

Ok, I'm sick of the spin. The gallant colt, the fighting spirit, the determined owners.

What about a sport that races babies because it's too expensive to allow them to mature? Barbaro, Ruffian, Seabiscuit, Black Gold, these are the winners of legend who broke down horribly in front of millions. Why? Because they were raced too hard too early. You don't often hear about the losers who break down-they are simply euthanized and used as a tax write off.

I love to watch the horses run, but unlike men watching supermodels, I couldn't care less how old the horse was-I don't need to see a baby. I doubt anyone else would NOT go to horserace because the horses were 5 and 6 year olds....

If you want to set new speed records, why don't you give the horses time to develop to adulthood before you race them? I'm not saying do away with the Triple Crown, that great American tradition-just change the age limit-and limit the LOWER limit as well, so that younger horses cannot break their legs in the quest for glory.

Barbaro was a HORSE. I am sure he probably liked racing and running around, healthy young animals do. But given the option, I bet he would have raced less and at an older age and live a long healthy life begetting baby Barbaros.

Barbaro didn't just sign himself up for those races-the responsibility lies with the owners who made the decision to race him at an early age. I'm sorry, folks "that's just the way it is in horse racing" does not free you from the choice you made. YOU chose to enter an animal into a sport that endangered his life-and he lost. Moreover, you went to a lot of effort to do just that.

So, please, press and media, quit shoveling that crap about the loving owners and fans. A loving owner does what's best for their animal, period. And loving fans speak out for what is right.

Sign me.....A loving fan

Monday, January 29, 2007

The sound of silence and gender issues

It's strange how the absence of two little dogs can create such a big void in the house-at least for me. It was hard for ME to settle in to sleep. At bedtime, Greta fussed for a second because she didn't have her buddy Prissy, Cody never gave the missing dogs a second thought. He did still pause at the bottom step this morning to wait for the little ones, realized they weren't there and dashed off to pee and bark at the squirrels. For such a foofy looking little beast, Cody is very pragmatic.

Cody is the first male dog I've had in ages, and I think that these little guys get a bad rap. My fears of him racing through the house lifting his leg on everything have been completely unfounded-and he was almost a year old when I had him neutered. Maybe we should start a campaign, "boys are OK too....." And as far as affection, he's as demonstrative and as dramatic as the girls. He's that dog that prefers to curl up right over my heart for our group nap.

Prissy prefers the bend of my neck, Dottie the comforting cushion of my belly. Greta snuggles in under one arm. What could be better?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Delivery complete, who can stop us from celebrating

It's funny how quiet the house is without the two little dogs-although the "big" dogs are making sure that I do not suffer from lack of attention. Due to my travel coming and going is not a big deal to Cody and I guess Greta doesn't know what to expect as far as normal behavior from us-she's just chewing her kelp bone happily.

Another dog lesson. They are not sitting around missing the spotties (who are busy being naughty and having a blast in Oklahoma). They are enjoying the kelp bones and the sunny spot on the floor.

They are very much like my favorite poem from Lao Tse

"The clouds come together and seperate
The leaves blow into the courtyard and out again
Life is like that.
Who can stop us from celebrating?"

Staple remover

Greta-steins staples have all been removed. Work (my day job) flared up and we were unable to get in until yesterday. She did very well, no fangs showing, some anxiety. It is clear that some male has hurt or abused her-she is terrified of men. Another thing to work on.

It really touching to see how ecstatic she is upon returning "home".

Another hurdle for us all-I am taking the two little spotties to my Mom's until after I recover from surgery. I love our little pack just as it is, and I hate the idea of breaking us up. The spotties will be fine-they adore my mom and dad and have stayed there many times, so I am not sad for them. I'm sad for me.

Greta and Cody will stay at the kennel together until I get my cast on-about 2 weeks. I hope that they can comfort each other until they return "home".