Tuesday, November 27, 2007

When Good Dogs go bad

I was listening to the bark fest outside and that popped into my head. My dogs are chasing a squirrel into the neighbor's yard and then the neighbor's little husky trees the beast and the entire crowd stands and barks like crazy. Sometimes the dachshunds down the way shout insults and encouragement.

Dachshunds always appear to me to be a little self conscious. Maybe that's why they are grouped with the hounds instead of the terriers. No self respecting terrier would ever be self conscious. There are perhaps 4 doxies within sight range of the backyard-until I moved in with my disreputable chihuahua pack they pretty much ruled the neighborhood.

I can just see them commiserating over a nice liver sausage...."yeah, this place was paradise till those damned Mexicans moved in...."


Rachael said...

ROFLMAO!!!!!! Damn Mexicans! You kill me, thats hilarious!

Debra Kay said...

The chi's kill ME.