Saturday, March 15, 2008

La Toilette Pt. Duex

The first hole I dug was over the cellar-hit cement at about 10 inches. I moved over and began digging again. Cody helped with much enthusiasm, he loves to dig. Oliver kept running off with the Doggie Dooley box.

This is a more complicated task than I realized. After digging a test hole, we had to flood it and see if it drained with 24 hours-so we are awaiting our test results. In the meantime I had to cover the hole with a grate because Lily fell in immediately-she is not wise in the ways of walking on water. Oliver and Cody displayed far too much interest in the mud hole as well.

So, we do not as yet have a cadillac doggy septic tank, just a muddy hole in the yard. But soon, oh yes, soon.......

Friday, March 14, 2008

La Toilette

I finally bought a doggy dooley-I've had a makeshift one before, but now I have the real thing. My pooper scooping is going to go up to a whole new level, I'm sure of it. Basically, it's a hole where you toss the scooped poo and enzymes break it down. Better for the world than tying it up in a plastic bag that will take years to disentigrate.

Is it only in America that we buy containment systems for our dog poop?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dog Behavior

Unlike a wolf pack, new dog members are often met with little enthusiasm. Lily is trying her best to fit in, but the others are making sure she understands how little and insignifcant she is. Except for Bitty-who is horrified by the whole puppy pouncing on older dogs who don't really like other dogs thing.

When I see her running for Bitty I shout in my best Aussie accent-Look out there mate, here comes the Dingo!

Today there was too much trash talk at the fence, so I put the entire pack in the small round pen, except for Bitty, who got a little section all to herself. It's good practice for when we go on trips and they will need to stay in an ex pen.

I didn't "punish" them, I just put them in. Since they are rarely all in at once, the ex pen is more of a treat for them-just something different, a bit of mental exercise. In a few minutes I'll go let them out, and THAT will be different too. Remember it doesn't take much to amuse a dog.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kids Kids Kids

On the way to pick up my gang, I saw a puppy about Oliver's age that looked a lot like one of his siblings. It was running loose on the street less than a quarter of a mile from where I got Oliver. I'm so grateful my guy is safe, due for his big shots in a week, well loved and not at all nervous around people. I wish that for all dogs.

While I was unloading the crew;an easy job-they are all eager to go smell the backyard, some neighbors were walkig down the street with their little dog. Their dog was on a leash, but another neighbor's dog was not-he's a cute little poodle pup that runs loose constantly.

Now I have a few more dogs than the city ordinance allows, but none of them run down the street, they all have their shots and any medicines that they may require, they all know their names and come to me when I ask. Ok, maybe not Lily and Oliver, but they are babies. I wish that for all dogs too-to be safe, to have a name, and someone who they would want to come to when called.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Just one more minute

Oliver is a really well behaved puppy-he got crate training/holding it almost instantly. When I moved the crates into what was formerly the snake room but now is the dog room, he learned to walk from the crate all the way through the house and out the back door before pottying in the morning. When the pack comes in for the night or to be fed, he goes right to his spot and waits to be lifted into his crate. He's just a doll.

So, last night, when he refused to come in with the other dogs, I was surprised. I left him out for a bit and then went to the door and he still wouldn't come in. He wasn't crying at being left alone, he just didn't want to come in. I was perplexed.

I went outside and sat down on a bench. He came up, did a play bow and ran off. So, I obliged, chasing him around the backyard saying intelligent things like "I'm gonna get you". He tore around the yard a few times, rolled in the grass and yipped with joy. Then he trotted to the back door.

I picked him up and he nuzzled my neck in his Oliver way, tail going madly. Sometimes we all need just one more minute.