Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Jurassic Day

In most books/stories-breaching of the last defense signals something-the end of something the begining of something. My life is more like a Spielberg action sequence it just goes on and on and on already. So I let the dogs back into our zone and put them in their crates (it's just too hot outside) and did some blog review.

Is there a lot of difference between being at the crossroads or in the crosshairs? That is the thing I will ponder while I nap.

The Great Wall of Chi

I just spent 125 to pay someone to put up my temporary fence so that my dogs can spend the next 3 weeks or so in their own backyard without barking at the nasty man who lives behind me. A fence is cheaper than boarding them for the remainder of the time and cheaper than the wear and tear on my nerves.

Actually, they will still be barking, but there is now a three or four feet no man's land between it and the back fence and the jackass parks next to the back fence. His yelling and stomping at the dogs isn't good for them, me, or him if keeps it up.

My evil side thinks I should put something particularly foul smelling in the "no man's land". I'm having a bit of an ant problem and I think a few dead rats could be defleshed in no time if I put them out in the sun, on an ant hill, out in no man's land. Since the dogs can no longer get to it, the nice place behind the shed would be a lovely place to take my biologcally correct cat litter. With all the rain we've had, some flowerpots filled with water shoul fill up nicely with mosquito nymphs.

But, alas, like all biological warfare, such measures cannot be contained only towards who they are directed. So, I will bask in the unsung knowledge that if push came to shove, I could be a bigger asshole than the guy behind me. I could, but I won't. Which comes to think of it, makes me a non asshole.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Trying to coordinate

These are my favorite crates. I decided to treat myself and get four that matched, since at last my dogs are all close to the same size.

What is wrong with this picture?

Come ON Nylabone-give a girl a break!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Dolly the Center of Attention

Ms. Dolly got her just reward for putting up with my two scandalous spotties for all that terrible long time. When I visited OKC sans dogs, she plopped up in my lap and didn't move. At bedtime she plopped up on my pillow (and didn't move). She escorted me to the car when I left. Yes, it's true. Dolly was the center of all dog attention for two full days. And she never got tired of it. What an amazing little animal she is!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

In Memory

On Friday Cousin Blue did not past her feeling good and loving life test, so the vet was summoned to put her to rest at last. Blue was 17 years old, originally from Oklahoma and a bad situation. My Cousin Cindy brought her home to California and worked with her to overcome some behavioral issues caused by cruel treatment. Cousin Blue lived 13 more years and was a member of the family.

I'm glad she hung on for one last visit-I said a private goodbye to her last week before I left California. One of the Cousins, Phil or Cindy (they are husband and wife which makes them both my cousin and Blue was their dog who was rescued from another Uncle-so she was my Cousin too)took this picture of Blue and Gopher waiting for the vet.

How lucky Blue was to pass her last hours of life stretched out in the sun with a blanket and a good friend. When I go, I hope there is someone who will sit with me and wait for the end of all things. That's what friends are for.

Run Free Bluey, and say hello to my darlings who are with you now. Tell them I miss them and will see them again one day.