Saturday, March 22, 2008

Amazing Oliver

Ollie liberated himself from his kennel last night. This happens. What is unusual, is there were not potty signs, signs of mayhem or destruction. He apparently curled up on a blanket and went to sleep-he didn't even torture the other dogs with "I'm out and you're not" because no one woke me up.

Ollie is not a perfect puppy-I'm healing from a nasty bite where he was going for the bone and got me. But, teaching a dog not to grab is just part of having a puppy, isn't it?

Oliver has the sweetest soul, and I am so lucky to have him in my life.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My little Helpers

My ankle and back are sore today. As I was putting the dogs to bed, someone, I think it was Ollie, hopped up on a set of doggie stairs. I picked him up, hugged him and said "Oh, Thank You Ollie, I needed the help tonight."

When I turned around, another dog, Bitty, was waiting on the stairs. And so it went. Each dog hopped up, recieved his or her hug, and was tucked into bed.

Now of course, there is probably a scientific explanation, but I think they were motivated by both praise and altruism. They didn't know WHY I liked for them to get on the stair, but hey, if it made me so happy, then fine, they'd do it.

My eyes were misty as I tucked the last dog in. I really love those little guys.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Flood

Most of the gang is playing in the sunroom after their potty break. There is standing water in the backyard. I'm leaving for a bit, so I broke with the early breakfast and long nap protocal-I want them to play now and eat when I go.

I've been contemplating an arbor or something to replace the trees I took out-the dogs used them for potty shelters in the rain. But what to do about the high water? Needless to say, my test hole for the cadillac of dog septics is flooded.

Monday, March 17, 2008

A passing shower

Today we had the first rain shower that felt like spring. A few rumbles of thunder, and much excitement on the part of the dogs who were outside at the time. I'm not sure they were excited about the rain as much as the prospect of coming in and having a leisurely breakfast inside. Oliver is already ready to go back out and hit the puddles....ah, the exhuberance of youth!

My neighborhood is a chain link fence neighborhood, and I have garden fences, and dog pens up as well, so I don't like the dogs to go outside until the thunder passes by.

Oliver and Lily both have the lanky looks of dogs getting ready to hit a growth spurt and they are eating like there is no tomorrow. Lily will probably end up being about the size of Prissy. Oliver is harder to tell, he's a month younger and with his background he could grow longer or taller. However, at 4 months and 7 pounds, he is on track for becoming my 15 pound dog I wanted. At 10.2 pounds, so is Cody, but he's not getting any taller....sigh.