Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Out to Lunch (Sort of)

I'll be out for awhile-surgery on the 9th and will be in the hospital for a few days....when I get home and am coherent, I will return.

My Cousin Cindy took this picture of her Mom's Dog, Rusty. Rusty is one of the smartest dogs I have ever met-he figured out the clicker in about 30 seconds. Some neighbors dropped by on their way to taking Rusty to the pound-my Aunt was his last hope. Fortunately for Rusty, the fates saved the best for last.

His story is that of an amazing little dog who could have ended up in a bad way. Smart dogs, without proper training, often end up in the shelters. And dogs, no matter how cute they are, still do doggie things-like get up on the dining room table (Rusty) pull down the mini blinds (Cody) chew toilet paper (Prissy) eat sharpies (Dottie) growl at the cat (Greta) bark at the TV (Dollie)....

Rusty found my Aunt shortly after she lost her dog Buck. She made up her mind not to have another dog-and I'm glad she changed it. Since this post will be up for awhile, I wanted to make sure it had a happy ending. So, it ends with a new beginning-The Adventures of Sir Rusty.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

It happens

After the Feast of the Snake I let the 2 poidogz in bed with me. The "big" guys take a little longer to settle down than the spotties, but we finally settled in-Cody on my hip and Greta on my pillow with my nose on her hip.

We were all snoozing peacefully when something went horribly wrong.

I awoke to find my forehead on Greta's hip and her tail across my nose. She must have scooted around in her sleep. The fact that her tail was across my nose meant my nose was sharing space with that part of her that resides UNDER her tail.

Precisely 2 nano- seconds after I got my bearings, she farted. Her fart woke her up-she looked at ME in disgust and went down to sleep at the end of the bed. Cody lifted his head to see what all the commotion was about, looked at ME in disgust and went to the end of the bed.

Let me share with you that EVO farts are the worst ever.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Feast of the Snake

The snakes eat only every 1o days or so, and somehow it has become tradition that on snake feeding night we all feast. I had ribs on the way home (I'm not really in to sharing the rodent fest) and the remaining poidogz got Evo and Tripe. Now there is nothing left to do but make a last trip to the loo for all of us, then go sleep it off.

Monday Funnies

Watch this if you need a Monday Morning pick me up. I was very impressed the dog would stand in the shoes, Dottie collapses like a rag doll if you dare to put boots on her....

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Holding a Puppy

Greta and I were outside tending to some chores and the 3 next door neighbor schnauzers were shrieking at us as usual. We wandered over (their yard edges our driveway) to have a little communal sniff and practice not barking (at least on Greta's part). The neighbors came out and I asked about the littlest one.

Yes, they admitted they have a new addition-born in October. She is a glorious chocolate colored schnauzer. Now, I don't know if AKC approves of that color, and I don't care. They let me hold that baby and the puppy magic happened. I think I almost lactated.

Unfortunately, it's this same puppy magic that fades and ends up in dogs being rehomed-so it's a dangerous sort of magic at best.

Now I'm watching Cody snooze in the afternoon sun (Greta is on the dog couch behind me, and the spotties are in Oklahoma, probably taking their afternoon nap). Cody was a purchase, not a rescue, but he's at the age (2) where the new wears off....and I just don't get it. Who could resist watching such a gorgeous little dog snooze in the sun, flicking his ears. His brindle coat is a work of art in the sunlight. His crooked blaze, from this angle, makes his nose look like it's on the side of his face. What perfection.

There is the rush of warmth you get from holding a puppy and rush of warmth you get holding a dear old friend. When I set out to sort out things for Uncle John last summer, I took Dottie with me. She calmly went in, set up her command post in the best chair amid the chaos, and made a dreadful situation much much better with her presence. At the age of 7 she found a new calling as a great Diva of the Nursing homes. A puppy would have been too much for the situation, it required the wisdom of an elderly genius.

My wish for today is that all dogs, old and young, be appreciated for the wonders that they truly are.