Saturday, March 29, 2008

Photo Change

I did change Dottie's Sun photo on the side to a sitting up one. It was a little misleading to have a picture of her flat out in the sun next to her death annoucement. Such macabre mistakes would not do for her.

That photo was taken a few days before she died on a day that she wanted to be outside all day, staring at the sun. Looking back, maybe she was getting ready to go-saying goodbye to a form she no longer needed.

Dottie is gone

She did not recover from her episode, however she did seem to be more aware of her surroundings toward the end. Greta, Cody and Oliver howled all night long while I held Dottie.

This morning she struggled to find her way in the backyard, falling down and just unable to walk. So I wrapped her in a blanket and kept her warm until the vet could put her down.

She did give me long eye contact for awhile this morning-letting me know she was ready to go.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Spare a thought for Dottie

She collapsed again and was unable to walk. She has congestive heart failure, and we have been in the keeping her comfortable stages now for some time. Hopefully it's just another scare, and tomorrow she'll be keeping them all in line.

Line art for a tattoo idea

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lipo Gone Bad

Not really, it's Greta's hip that was shaved for surgery last year. But I made ya look.

Dooley update: My hole is dry but Oliver took the package of screws and hid them so the project is on hold pending the return of my screws.

Oliver: made a beeline for his favorite purple ball and dashed around the backyard with it, completely oblivious to his lack of nuts....just wish he'd cough up the bolts....teee heeee.

Salutation to the Sun

For who among you could enjoy the warmth of the sun with more absolute surrender than an old, one eyed dog on a spring day?
I am fortunate. I need not go to the East to seek a Zen Master, I only have to enter my backyard.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Buh Bye Boyz

Oliver will be sporting a few (two) less accessories when he comes home tomorrow, but they are nothing he really needs. Instead, he'll have a longer, stress free life without them as well as fewer agression problems, particularly with other males.
Having had all kinds, I do believe a neutered pet is a superior pet, easier to train, more emotionally stable and just generally more pleasant to have around.
One little chap like Ollie could spread a lot of seed in a short sojourn around the neighborhood. He'll be less likely to want to wander. A neutered male dog is also less likely than an intact dog to be a target for dog to dog agression.
Ollie was one of about 6 in his litter, an unplanned litter that was being given away on the street. I still see one of the pups (I'm sure it is his sibling) running loose in the neigbhorhood, too frightened and timid to even catch. One day I expect I'll see it on the street, dead.
Ollie himself would not be here without antibiotics, anti parasitics and some iron booster. He was one sick little fellow when he came to me.
I believe Oliver, and dogs like him, have great value as teachers and friends. If you want to have a dog, I think you should have one. But take care of that dog, and all aspects of the dog. We are guardians of these little beings we've created.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Age Dogs


This is evidence of my theory that dogs are great spiritual leaders. Note the dog in the story is a chihuahua.

Monday, March 24, 2008

More Hijinks

Ollie still grabs pants legs, and has in fact moved on to shoes. The others have move on to chewing on Ollie....then Cody.

Priss has a scratch, Ollie looks cute

I tossed these images in for Prozacville. Oliver is secure and happy in his scruffiness, and Prissy is blissed out by a back scratch. Some dogs have it good.

Doggy Dooley

The doggy dooley is still not done. I have to dry out the hole to keep the sides from collapsing in on it when I put on the top. Who would have imagined the structural engineering and thought that would go into a a dog crap disposal system?