Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dog Show

I am watching the Eukanueba National Championship-and it is a great dog show. These dogs are really the best of the least among AKC dogs.

But this morning, I had my own dog show. I ran around the backyard dragging Prissy and Oliver and Cody at the end of a pink octapus tied to the end of a dressage whip. I would let them pull against each other, and when it looked like someone was going to lose their temper, I would jerk on the whip and suddenly they'd unite and pull together against me, growling fiercely as only little dogs can. Dottie, Bittie and Greta watched from a respectable distance.

I have to say, I enjoyed THAT show even more.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Up to High 50's

Oklahoma weather is just odd. Today it's up to near 60 for the next 5 days. No matter, I've ordered a gas burning, ventless stove. Being a refugee is quite expensive with a pack of dogs who aren't very cold tolerant. Boarding fees pile up quickly-the dogs alone are over 60 a day now.

But, who could I part with? No one. Just isn't going to happen. Not even Oliver, who I really intended to neuter and rehome, already crate and house trained. I think the pack needs a scruffy little dog-and so does he.

Actually, I've pretty much known I'd keep him from that first night. He was ill, his tummy swollen with worms and bad case of the runs. So I let him sleep with me, and he wanted to sleep on my arm, resting his swollen belly on my warm arm. That's all he wanted, just a little warmth and contact, and he slept contentedly.

When we had to relocate to Mom's due to the power outage, he was content in his crate as long as it was up on the bed with me.

Now he isn't the perfect puppy. He throw hissy fits and sometimes (but not often) has bathroom mistakes. But he's willing to just go with the flow as long as myself or Greta or Cody are around. Whatever we do is exciting and fine with him. Ok, maybe he IS the perfect puppy.

Thursday, January 31, 2008


I think of this one as "Got Milk?"

Oliver and Prissy tussle with a toy.
Below is Oliver in the snow (he's not really as forlorn as he looks).

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Calm Before the Storm

The dogs seem to know when a storm is blowing in-they want to be out as much as possible. Of course, it may be the cow feet they've been chewing on out there. Snow is forecast for tomorrow so I'm charging up the camera for some Oliver (and others) in the snow photos.

Cody is actually the one that seems to enjoy the snow. It never fails, the long coated dog is the one who loves mud and dirt and all things mucky....

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

THAR she Blows!!!

Winds over 50 mph can blow a little dog all over the yard! It's a sun porch play day today. I may leash the bigger dogs and go for a walk this afternoon-it would be torture for the little ones.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


The dogs and I tilled the small round garden today. It took Oliver awhile to grasp the concept of getting out of the way, and Cody enjoyed a good roll in the fresh manure. After tilling, I fenced it so that I would actually be able to have some plants.

Cody is enjoying digging in all the piles of sawdust that are remaining from the sycamore tree. He buried a smoked chicken foot for later. Oliver toddled along, found it and was delighted to find that the earth contained freshly smoked chicken feet. Who would have thought?