Friday, November 30, 2007

Not one size fits all

You would think with 5 similar dogs, I could buy one dog food. NOT. I went through all I had, then reformulated again to see if I can get optimal health.

Bitty and Dottie will be eating a senior formula, canned, twice a day and have some small kibble available at all times

Prissy, who tends to be underweight, will get an adult formula, twice a day, and have some kibble available at all times

Greta, who is ok weight wise but just loves to eat, will get mostly kibble (small bites, with a little of Prissy's canned for flavor.

Cody, who is a porker, will get low fat kibble and green beans for his mushie.

The cat gets senior canned and kibble.

The snakes are on a high protien diet of rats, mice and chickens, but I have to order at least three sizes to accomodate the snakes.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

A midnight e-mail

I got an e-mail from Dottie/Prissy's breeder-one of her dogs had 10 puppies and died in the process, so she needs a little help with feeding. I almost broke my fingers typing me me me. I am practically lactating myself as I wait for her answer.....

My turn Ma!

One of the nicest things about dogs is that just pretty much tell you how they feel, no guessing required. Prissy reached critical mass today about 1:30. Yesterday was Bitty's morning to roam, then Greta got to go in the car, then Dottie spent the night on my pillow. There is only so much sharing a little dog can do.

First she got severly reprimanded by Cody for trying to bully away a bone. She moved into the sun light, flopped down, the picture of rejection and utter defeat. So, I waited a bit so she wouldn't associated stealing bones/fights with anything positive, then I called them all in.

"Let's go see Grandma Priss"

She could hardly contain herself walking down the street. Grandma was busy, but managed to chop up a bit of steak for her treat. She romped in the backyard a bit and was ready to come home again. All was well with the world.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Love is.....

letting an old dog sleep on your pillow because she has a tummy ache and in spite of the foul flatulence.

Greta's Finest Hour

Today she'll ride shotgun will I take care of my Uncle John. She'll be thrilled. I am a little sad-taking care of Uncle John has always been Dottie's job, but she's too frail right now for an all day debacle. Prissy is too needy herself at the moment. Steady little Greta is just happy to be with you, no attention required. And she loves the car.

This morning was Bitty's time to be out and sleep whereever she wanted. Bitty is a funny old girl-she likes a bed in the living room. But when she needs to pee she'll tip toe in and stare. "Do you want to go out?" I'll ask, and she'll make this funny little growl bark that sounds just like "out". First time she did it it really freaked me out.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

When Good Dogs go bad

I was listening to the bark fest outside and that popped into my head. My dogs are chasing a squirrel into the neighbor's yard and then the neighbor's little husky trees the beast and the entire crowd stands and barks like crazy. Sometimes the dachshunds down the way shout insults and encouragement.

Dachshunds always appear to me to be a little self conscious. Maybe that's why they are grouped with the hounds instead of the terriers. No self respecting terrier would ever be self conscious. There are perhaps 4 doxies within sight range of the backyard-until I moved in with my disreputable chihuahua pack they pretty much ruled the neighborhood.

I can just see them commiserating over a nice liver sausage...."yeah, this place was paradise till those damned Mexicans moved in...."

Monday, November 26, 2007

Jack Mackeral

In honor of the snow I opened a large tin of the aforementioned fish. I think that is what huskies are fed on treks-or rather the smoked version is. It's very fatty, lots of omega 3's a too fishy even for me. But the kids love it. Finally a food all the furries can agree on.

It is best to feed in small quantities-I portioned out a tin between 5 small dogs and a cat. It was a dog food size tin, not a tuna can or one of those cat food cans or even a small dog can. It was the size tin that used to be the only size that could be found on the shelf.

Lastly, it is never a good idea to feed at it at night. Being fatty AND fishy, it makes it's smelly way to the outside in a few hours.

Yet, the slight inconveniences are worth it. There are five little furry animals who think all the world is as it should be and more, all because of a 1.29 can of stinky fish.

Snow Fell

Prissy was the most dismayed-she hates the white stuff. It was really just thickish slush. Sun is out, snow is gone, and there are now squirrels to chase.

Dogs don't sit an mourn the passing of fall.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Three Squares a day

Now that the weather is cooler, the dogs enjoy coming in more often and having small, regular meals. They are training me well. Bitty is just adorable in her little red raincoat (hooded,so she's red riding hood) but she no longer shivers and that's really all that matters.

Been through a lot of emotional mumbo jumbo the past week or so, and I've enjoyed having my pack nearby.

Dogs are so cool. They don't try to fix things or ask you why you feel the way you feel. A dog conversation is more like "Oh, feeling a bit low? I'm sorry to hear that, how about scratching my belly now?" Or "Oh, catatonic are we? Well good, fire up that electric blanket and lets' have a snuggle and a nap, shall we?"

Dogs just figure that when you decide to do something about it, you will and in the meantime why waste all that good body heat? Dogs are very pragmatic.