Friday, November 16, 2007

Green Beans with Bacon drippings

Ok, this is probably a bit counterproductive for Cody's diet, but I brought home my shredded green beans from lunch and the kiddos went bonkers over them. I doled out the dried bits of rib meat which was also a big hit. I didn't bring home bones though, it just causes too many squabbles, upset tummies, etc.

But, I've ordered an entire smoked turkey for Christmas. That is the kids favorite meal of the year, followed by the most righteous nap ever.

Bitty seems to be wise in the way of table scraps, though the old girl will eat kibble too.

I also found another kennel just like the other 4 (nylabone collapsible) so now we have a matched set again. I've been in the house since June, have only hung 4 pictures in the hallway, but by golly my kennels match.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Dottie has another rough night-therefore I had a rough night. Bitty stayed with us in the bedroom, and it was thus revealed that PRISSY is the 3 am wake up bandit. Bitty curled up and never moved till I picked her up. Poor old girl was wrongly accused of late night pottery.

When I wasn't holding Dottie or ignoring Prissy's howls, I was listening to the husky behind us howl. I have no idea why she was left outside, but she was clearly unhappy about it. I tried just to enjoy the otherworldly sounds because I couldn't get up and go get her. (If there had been an easy way to do it though, I would have just brought her in with us).

Cody and Greta were on edge too, barking and growling. Clearly some tragedy was stalking the neighborhood that only the dogs were privvy to. I'm not making light of that-I really do listen when they have something to say.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Trying to Stay Under the Weather

The dogs are challenged by a strong wind today. Buggy eyes and prick ears are not really suited for windy days. Fortunately, being short has it's advantages. They can easily bed down in the grass for a sunbath.

Being spoiled has it's advantages too-they can also use the sunroom.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Close call

Dottie has a seizure last night and there was really nothing I could do but hold her. When it past, she slept, and today is fine. There is really nothing more medically that can be done for her so it's just a matter of loving her and making her comfie.

I feel bad, because I was unable, as I have done with dogs past, to say "go on my love, it's OK." I held her, remained as calm as I could so as not to distress her, but I told her that I just couldn't let go right now. And she stayed. I'm glad.

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Disturbing Trend

The 3 am pee run is becoming a nightly event. I'm sure it will stop when the cold front moves in-somehow it's easier to hold one's bladder when the temp is 40 or below.

It's hard to be more than annoyed-they all file out, finish by the time I go relieve MYSELF, and then file back into their own appointed crates, settle in and go back to sleep.

I've been letting them out immediately before I retire around 11. The dead on 3:15 thing makes me think there is something else going on, perhaps a neighbor leaving work, that wakes them up at 3. The mystery deepens though, because they rush out to wee, not to bark at anyone.

Wouldn't it be nice if dogs could talk?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Taming of the Shrill

Prissy did her best last night to be reinstated into the bed, but I was strong and did not give in. Cody is now getting green beans mixed into his kibble-I tell him "Look Cody, here's some good greasy food." and he laps it up.

It's time to move the crates out of the kitchen and back into the bedroom. I don't think it will be as traumatic for them as moving into the dining room was to begin with but I've run out of rooms to put them in for change.

I have x pens set up in the backyard still for training them to be in an x pen, however they really don't seem to mind. I think I'll prove this out by moving one to the front yard and putting them there while I garden.

Anyone who has ever gone through a dog class whilst someone's dog screamed from an x pen or a crate will understand why I do this, as will anyone who has ever been awakened at 6 am. when someone's owner left the tent to go potty without the dog.

I have wanted to throttle said owners, because the problem is fixed with no real effort, pen your dog and do what you were going to do anyway. AAAAAAGH