Saturday, March 24, 2007

Love your dogs Day

Today I am declaring love your dogs day. I know you already do, but take five minutes and really THINK about what they bring into your life. Mine keep me grounded and remind me not to take things so seriously and to just let things go when they are over. Their enthusiasm is geniune and they rarely lie. AND, when they are happy, they are just happy, no strings attached.

And, after you thought about how much you love your dogs, please say a prayer for all the ones who are out there and unappreciated. They need your love too.

Friday, March 23, 2007


As I related a few posts back, Cody does not like the snakes. I was using some old shoes as temporary hides for the new baby balls, then changed my mind and used elbow pipes. I sat the shoes on the floor. Cody left his comment. I don't condone household scat, but the aim was perfect.

Kayaking dogs

I can't find life vests for the two spotties, so my two "big dogs" will be the only boaters in the family. Of course, I still haven't bought MY life vest either.

I'm also rethinking the "entire pack goes camping thing"....the two littlest would actually be in peril the entire time-maybe I'll just take Greta and Cody for the wilderness adventures and use Prissy and Dottie for the therapy work.

Its just like having a family of talented kids-not every kid is capable of every activity.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Self portrait

Walking boot today-kickin AZZ tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A thief in the night...

Mr. Cody was curled up on the floor beside my bed when I woke up. Now how he got out, and why Greta didn't raise the alarm remains a complete mystery. He doesn't like the snakes in the room and I can't believe it goes back to that unfortunate incindent last summer.

When Cody was new to my house, and still very aloof and jumpy, he found a grass snake and I ran over to look at the snake. I used my ankle (not kicking) to push Cody back and bent to pick up the snake, who shot up my bare leg instead of heading away like a reasonable serpent. I shouted and did a little snake dance and Cody ran for the hills.

In the house I don't encourage a lot of dog/snake interaction because most of the snakes would be snack size for dogs and I just don't think a snake has the mental facilities to form a friendship with a predator.

Pasht (the old cat) and Elvis (kingsnake) do have a fascination for each other, but Pasht is too old to care about killing things and Elvis seems to regard her as the Mount Olympus of Mice...too big to really tackle, but oh how he dreams.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hello Spring

Hello Spring, glad to see you, and I'm sure the dogs are too. I ran a fever all last night-perhaps it was Spring Fever?

Cody has a new harness, but work calls (the whole job thing gets in the way) so it must wait. You know, the dogs didn't even chase the giant squirrel from the backyard today-they must have spring fever too.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Will work for food.....

Cody needs a job. I need to get that little red wagon put together. Everything just takes so dang LONG right now, and I'm pretty tired all of the time. But the cast comes off Thursday.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


I am looking for a any kind of small breed puppy to keep mainly in the house. I have a 3 (almost 4) year old boy and a almost 8 month old baby. Am looking for puppy to have good temperment and very loveable. Please Help!!!!!


Why on EARTH would someone want a puppy at that point in their life?

I just donated some little boy belly bands, crate pads, fleece pouches and sweaters that my mom made to the Chihuahua Transport Rescue-CRT. If this lady does end up with a puppy-it may end up there next, if the three year old doesn't break its leg first.

I think I might be cranky.

What happened to Saturday

Complete exhaustion set in, the physical demands of setting up the tanks, fetching the snakes, the excitement-my leg was swollen and I took two pain pills and STILL stayed up till 3 am. So, Saturday was rest and recover, today is slowly get back to work.

I've donated some stuff to the local chi rescue and I can't commence to the snake feeding portion of the day until she comes and picks it up. The new retic is hungry too-I e-mailed the guy and asked if it was time to feed her-and sure enough he said yes. I was hoping to be out of the cast before I tackled that.

A few people on the snake forum are saying I got taken-she's no dwarf but a full on mainland going to be 20 foot retic. Ah well, what's a girl to do?

I took some time off to just bond with the dogs and we are going to have a training session this afternoon. Their manners are getting worse the more people that are in and out, and they are feeling really protective of me....can't have it and I won't wait til I'm out of this chair to start working them. Priorities!