Friday, January 19, 2007

Indoor Circus and Spa

More ucky weather this weekend, though not as cold. Greta can't be outside, so I made the other kids come in too. I need to come up with exciting things for them to do to keep them from getting bored. I'm sure that's why Cody did what he did last week.

I threw a pile of dirty clothes in the floor and they had a big time with that. Dirty clothes are always a hit with the spotty dog set, and Cody likes them pretty well too.

I think I'm going to rig up an extra basking light I have and put it over the pillows in the corner for Dotty. She hasn't warmed her old bones in the sun for days and days, and I'm sure it's depressing her.

Greta will need her massage/heat pack on her hip, which means they will ALL expect massages and heat packs on their hip. Gotta love it.

I'm also trading Foster, the kingsnake, for a Ball Python named Aries. And the new Scotty arrives on Sunday-woo hooo!.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Poor little conehead dog is glad to be home, or at least what she's come to think of as home. I saw the before and after pics of her hip-it was awful-the ball of the hip joint looked like a spear instead of a ball, no wonder it hurt. Now she has a shaved, frankenstein leg to go with her zipper belly-she's a mess!

I'll have to keep an eye on Ms. Prissy-who is an avid eye cleaner. She might decided to have a little nibble on the stitches or staples. It will be nice to settle in tonight with the entire gang around me. Another storm is headed our way, and we will batten down the hatches together.

Dash away dash away dash away all

I am going to make a mad dash at lunch to get Greta and then get her home-I don't want to leave her in the truck for 1/2 a day and they are moving furniture here at the office so that would probably freak her out. Anyway, she needs to be introduced to the office when people aren't tense from year end, etc.

Also, we are not a public company anymore, Apollo owns us, and I don't know how they feel about small animals at the office. Dottie just naps in my inbox, but I fear the younger kids would probably be a little more rowdy. Dottie also adores men (the hussy) but Greta and Cody show signs of not liking them as much (got to work on that). Prissy likes anything with a lap.

I once told my boss I would never need another raise if I could bring a dog to work with me and wear jeans every day. Of course, that would never do..why EVERYONE would want to bring their dogs and wear goodness, we can't have THAT. The horror. On Casual Friday, everyone is far more relaxed and congenial and that would NEVER do.

Still, I have a plan (don't I always)? I've been working the therapy dog angle with Dottie for some time-taking her to the Senior Center, etc. I am going to create the worlds first Therapy Dog program for Corporate offices. BTW, I know there are highly trained therapy dogs out there, but ANY non-jumpy, non-bitey friendly dog is welcome at most senior centers. When I looked at joining local organizations they were a bit off putting. I know they are committed, dedicated, etc, but really people, a grass roots visit from the local dog does those little old people a world of good. I say drop the egos and get more dogs on the visiting circuit.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ice Ice Baby

Greta did well at her surgery, but the city is locked down with ice and I may not be able to pick her up. The receptionist wanted me to say that I'd leave her, but I want till noon to decide.

On the home front, the gang was horrified to see both things falling from the sky and accumulation on the ground. No one complained about going back into the crates when I had to leave for work-not even Prissy. Funny how a little frozen precip can alter a dog's attitude.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Leg Saved!

Greta just got out of surgery. Yeah, that was fast but due to the storm of the century all Dr.'s were at the hospital with no surgeries scheduled, so we consulted, and I said what the hell. It stresses her out to go to the vet anyway (she's quite naughty, but she will settle down with MY firm hand) so may as well "get 'er Done".

We are going to have to work on that behavioral issue though-I insist upon well behaved dogs.

So, the total bill for Greta to date is about $2000. Not really what I had planned when I first launched this expedition...a simple rescue, spay and place. But nothing is ever simple, is it?

I have a friend who has a Chi with a similar (I'm sure) problem and it hurts me to look at the dog-his leg is all twisted and atrophied and I'm sure it hurts. And she PAID for this dog.

Greta, as a free dog, would have had no chance. As an unspayed free dog, she would probably have passed on those bad genes to 20 or more puppies over her lifetime. Looking at it that way, that's only 100 a puppy saved-and that isn't so bad, is it?

I don't want to hear anyone saying "that's easy for you to say." I work for my money, all of it. And there isn't that much of it, although I have all the basic necessities and I am grateful for that, but 2K is serious business at my house. Something will be sacrificed in order to make up the fee. Fortunately for me it will be a vacation or a new computer and not the rent.

Where people get into trouble is when they try to turn these little guys into profit making machines. They can't afford to take care of the one they buy, let alone a litter of puppies. As they get more popular, the law of supply and demand kicks in, the supply side gets high and the price plummets and it's cheaper to go buy a new dog than it is to fix the dog you have.

Dottie and Greta's medical bills combined would be a nice used Airstream. (I was looking at one the other day). Unless you are willing to cull sick animals, you cannot make money breeding little dogs and still give them proper treatment. Giving them away on Craigslist is not an acceptable solution-the misery continues at someone else's house.

I know there is a big discussion about requiring breeding permits, freedom of commerce, rights to do business. What gives people the right to profit from so much misery? The laws require adequate food, shelter and medical attention. If you cannot afford this, you cannot afford a dog, period. If you cannot afford this and you have twenty dogs and are breeding them for profit, I'd like to see you in jail. Harsh? Try walking around on a hip that is grinding bone against bone. It's not so easy.....

Monday, January 15, 2007

Return of the Prodigal Poi

Even in the middle of the worst ice storm EVER (according to the newscasters) I couldn't sit still. I kept going outside, calling for Cody, walking around, banging up my bad leg. Finally I went to bed.

I thought about our group nap the day before. Cody likes to drape himself over someone, and when I woke up, someone was me. His little heart was pressed right up against mine-soooo sweet.

As I drifted off to sleep I kept hearing a dog barking happily, but I'd run to the door and all would be quiet, only the sound of the frozen rain. My other dogs snoozed away, oblivious to the Cody-song. Perhaps, I thought, he is communicating from beyond, telling me he's OK.

I tried to take comfort in that, but dang it, the barking was just so finally I got dressed about 12:30 (a.m.) and walked around for a long time in the freezing rain. Not wanting to wake the neighbors, I just walked and listened. When I got home, I heard a familiar scratch on the backdoor, and in bounds Cody.

But this Cody was not miserable and wet and freezing and forlorn, he was warm, and dry, and unusually repentant....And then the truth dawned on me-He had been under the sunporch all along, happily chasing mice and ignoring my calls. Just why he chose to stay and chase mice instead of coming inside and eating pot roast with the girls will forever remain a mystery. Maybe dogs get cabin fever too.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Cody is missing out of the backyard-he's gotten out before, but he usually takes the girls along. I'm heartbroken and frantic-I ran around calling until my leg gave out, I drove around, I've posted notices...
He's microchipped, so if he makes it to a shelter he'll make it back to me, but it's freezing outside, and he doesn't like strangers.....I jump up every time I hear a bark. (In my neighborhood that's quit often).

The girls don't seem to be disturbed at all, and I am trying to take a clue from them.

I am much better with problems that I can take action upon, not the sit and wait and pray kind.


Last night, during yet another group nap, I was lying in bed amongst the chihuahuas listening to the freezing rain pelt the window outside. Prissy was snuggled up against my ear, Greta and Cody were along either side, and Dottie was buried under a leg.....all sound asleep. I thought how lucky we all were that we were safe and warm and content. I idly wondered if they knew how lucky they were....and I laughed at myself immediately.

Of course they don't-they're dogs. They only know what is happening now-they don't sit and brood about the past. That's what makes dogs so wonderful and forgiving. We humans brought them into this complicated society, and it's up to we humans to look out for them-and to feel gratitude on behalf of the pack. Which I do.

This is a nice picture of Foster for your viewing pleasure. Foster is looking for a new gig-he's supposed to be a photography project, but his unfortunate habit of pooing every time he's picked up means he doesn't get used that often. He may end up as a classroom display/ambassador if the teacher can provide assurance that he will be well cared for.