Monday, November 26, 2007

Jack Mackeral

In honor of the snow I opened a large tin of the aforementioned fish. I think that is what huskies are fed on treks-or rather the smoked version is. It's very fatty, lots of omega 3's a too fishy even for me. But the kids love it. Finally a food all the furries can agree on.

It is best to feed in small quantities-I portioned out a tin between 5 small dogs and a cat. It was a dog food size tin, not a tuna can or one of those cat food cans or even a small dog can. It was the size tin that used to be the only size that could be found on the shelf.

Lastly, it is never a good idea to feed at it at night. Being fatty AND fishy, it makes it's smelly way to the outside in a few hours.

Yet, the slight inconveniences are worth it. There are five little furry animals who think all the world is as it should be and more, all because of a 1.29 can of stinky fish.


Switchsky said...

where's the Kraft mac and cheese?.. that's got to be good for someone, right?

Switchsky said...

that Greta is GORGEOUS! she a mix?

Debra Kay said...

Greta is supposed to be a FULL BLOODED chihuahua-a breeder bought her and didn't want to pay to have her leg fixed, so she was giving her away on Craig's List, unspayed. $2000 later, and lots of training and care, she is a wonderful pet and has overcome her abusive background to want to be the center of all things.

Cheese farts are almost as smelly as fish farts...LOL.

Debra Kay said...

Eek, I was so caught up in Greta's story I forgot to say thanks-she is gorgeous.