Sunday, December 2, 2007


6 of the 10 didn't make it from the amazing litter I wrote about earlier. It's truly a miracle 4 did, but now that the numbers are manageable, I won't need to step in. Part of me is relieved part of me is sad. It would have been nice to take care of a puppy.

Bitty is getting old dog lumps (tumors) which is par for the course for an elderly gal. Dottie is getting a little more hoarse each day. I'm providing what we humans call "Pallative Care" making their final days as nice as I can. We had a nice dog nap yesterday-all three of the black and whites staked out territory on my outstretched body and we dozed as a group. It was lovely.

I made arrangements to move Prissy's class to a weekend time slot. Evenings are busy with visits to Uncle John at the moment. I'm glad Prissy will get to continue her education. Maybe she'll even stay awake for the entire class since it's in the afternoon. Yes, during the lecture portion she climbs into my lap, curls up and begins to snore. Gotta love that girl!

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