Saturday, September 1, 2007

Yay! I Resisted Temptation

Yay me. I stopped (I KNOW better) at someone with a truck, and umbrella and a cage full of puppies. They were really cute puppies-the father was a "double registered" jack russel, but I had never heard of either association. The mother was present, a very large dog for a jack russel and blue and white.....hmmmmm. All that aside, the puppies were cute black and white pups with docked tails.

I didn't even hold a puppy, I just cuddled the Mamma dog and listened while the owners spoke with another lady. This litter was 7 pups, a big litter for a dog that size, and they told me she'd had even more when she was "bred by a labrador....".

I started to offer money for the mamma, but that would be rude, and despite her childbearing history she was a nice, well adjusted and happy dog.

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