Sunday, August 26, 2007

More Death

A friend's (well cyber friend) 12 foot rock python died suddenly. He is heartbroken and sad. This blog is turning into a big old downer-but I don't want to NOT write just because I am sad. Dottie had a rough night but an OK morning. And that's the thing of it-pets, either snakes or dogs or cats aren't always about love and playing in the park. Sometimes they are about love and letting go.

I advised my friend to grieve openly-pets are open to us completely, and I prefer to grieve the way we shared lives together.

Only humans fear the future. I am already grieving for a dog that isn't dead yet. Said dog is out playing in the sun, a little short of breath, but not worrying about whether or not she'll be here tomorrow. She's here today, and that's enough.

I've been nearly overcome with a feeling of generalized dread lately-and there is my Dottie, once more showing me a better way of being. Today is enough-don't waste it with worry. Yes, sometime they are about love and teaching too.

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