Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The alarm sounded at 10 am this morning-there was a strange man IN the backyard! The cacaphony was deafening so I walked out and said hello and called all the dogs off. Most behaved well, but Dottie had to be picked up so determined was she to drive this intruder from our midst. With Dottie-the point is to keep her quiet, not do groundwork. But everyone else got groundwork-and sharp point and a shhhh if the they barked, and I insisted they all stay behind me. The meter man stayed around and was a nice subject as I worked my dogs-thanks!

One dog was absent though-where was Cody? As soon as the meter reader hopped the fence he came charging out of the flower bed, covered in pollen. Tail high, he charged the fence and barked, even kicking back grass.

"Too late Cody, you are a wuss" I said and he came trotting over, looking sheepish in his lion cut.

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