Thursday, August 30, 2007

Teaching Patience

First of all, that's a little bit like the blind leading the blind. But Greta begins scratching on her crate as soon as she knows I am going to release them, and it irritates me. So, this morning we began training. No treats The reward is the opening of the crate.

I first said NO to get her to stop scratching then reached for the door. As soon as the paw went up, I removed my hand. We played this game for like five minutes but she finally got it, scratch, the door will not open. Sit still, the door will open. I'm guessing that I will have to be consistent, but that she's already got it. Cody in the next crate, got it too. His default behavior is to sit quietly, so he just did that while I worked with Greta.

That was the first thing I taught Cody and the best thing. When he doesn't know what to do, he'll just sit down and look at me like "ok, WHAT NOW?" but it's far more enjoyable than pacing or whining or scratching on my leg.

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