Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oh Prissy! Bad Dog

Prissy was doing so well, but I took the off lease a little too far and she took off down the street. She doesnt' do well in the street so I caught her and then I figure out that I should carry her by the nape like a mother dog carries her young. I didn't shake her I just "showed her what I wanted". After walking a bit I sat her down and asked her to walk with me. She did, until distracted by a barking dog, so I picked her up by the nape, again quietly, and carried her in the house.

No fuss, no muss.

I did have a "what will the neighbors think" moment, but I carried her gently by my side, not up in the air-THAT is most definitely not a Momma Dog behavior.

Some dogs are just harder than others. I had to use a blanket to catch Cody the first time I let him go in the backyard, and he listens pretty good now. Greta would cut out her heart to please me and Dottie is just perfect in all things (not really, but she does mind). Prissy isn't a Bad dog, she's just a willful dog and she's teaching me so much about patience.

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