Friday, August 31, 2007

I understand Leona Helmsely

Ok, I understand this. I haven't ever seen my grandchild (maybe that's TMI, but it's true). She was born after I made a will that designated someone other than my daughter as a beneficiary, and specified that my animals be cared for.

Now, I know the press is always looking for the shocking angle, but is it mean to want to provide for the creatures that comforted you most during your life? Children, charities, etc. are not entitled to your money (after they are adults in the case of the kids).

There are people who will pity Leona for leaving money to her dogs. It reminds me of an exchange I had with a non-animal lover a few years ago. She said "You are weird going home to those little dogs each night", and I said, "You are sad, going home to an empty house where no one loves you.".

Granted, I should have not been so blunt, but I hope you get my point....


Forever Young said...

i love sites about animals, and i can see already that this is gonna be right 'up my street'. thanx for commenting on my blog.

Debra Kay said...

Thank YOU for visitig. I added your blog to my other blog (Beam Me Up Scotty)-I have a list of blogs I really like there.