Sunday, January 7, 2007

What's in a Name

Sometimes I wonder if I my life would have been different if I been named something like Kelli or Ginny or some other cheerleader type name. Would I have been perky instead of somewhat morose? Would I have a penchant for carrot sticks, or even just been more successful at throwing up to keep weight off? Who can say?

The new dog's given name is Callie and it doesn't suit her at all-she's not delicate, and while a bit shy, she's not retiring. I thought that I wouldn't name her at all, but that is uncomfortable and I couldn't imagine taking her into the vet with no name. Just "temporary". So I joked around and called her Poi, and Lau Lau but then I decided she needed a good name with good vibes. A new name, a new start, wouldn't we all like that?

So I am calling her Greta, after an aunt. I only remember meeting aunt Greta once-she was breakfasting on a fried egg drenched in cayenne pepper and a glass of vodka. She advised me to make my own money and never marry. I wish I'd listened to her.

Like so many other interesting people, Greta had BIG plusses and BIG minuses in her life. This little yellow dog already has the big minuses so I am hoping to invoke some big plusses for her.

The sound of shredding paper beckons-I must be off.

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