Tuesday, January 9, 2007

It's not easy being cute

This is a little Jack Russel, 8 months (teenager) looking for a home because her family just doesn't have time for such an energetic dog. Here is Texas, Jacks were all the rage-because they were small, yet macho enough for men. Never mind that they have an energy level that defies description.
The problem is that people don't seem to comprehend that an 8 week old puppy can't "hold it" all day-that is grown up dog stuff. A 16 week old puppy is far to busy to want to be held all day. Then, oh horrors, the hormones start and it's usually all over and on to the next home.
I've actually thought of creating a dog zoo-or a community dog farm, where people who want to play with cute dogs could come and play-but not take them home. Unfortunately, once it was cute and all the rage, no one would bother going to the shelters any more, and those poor guys don't need the competition.
I'm not at all in favor of big government, but if a city can license dogs, why not give them the authority and resources to manage how those dogs are treated as well? Just a thought.

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JJ said...

Thanks for your comment. Derby wasn't a craigslist dog, but he might have been in a better situation there than he actually was in! I am having a blast researching his background though, :-) Thanks for stopping by!