Monday, January 8, 2007

Just don't have the time or the money BUT I WANT

From a craiglist ad: I want to find this cat a good home, we've bred her before but I don't think she should be bred again.........


I'm not going to breed the cat any more and I'm not willing to pay the 30 bucks to take her to the SPCA to have her neutered before I give her away. I DO CARE....but not enough to be put out in any way.

Another Ad:
Want small dog, housebroken, not a puppy and not old...about 1-2 years. Can't be yippy. Will give it lots of love an attention, but can't pay for the dog because I want to spend the money on toys and vets. Females only.

I want a little female dog who won't be any trouble or any expense so I can breed her to death and make a little money on the side. When I'm done with her, I won't bother to neuter her, I'll just recycle her on craigslist.

Same ad, but ASKS for a neutered dog.

I want a dog, but I don't want to take the time to train the dog, it better be housebroken cause if it makes a mistake it's going to end up back on this list. Also, I certainly don't have time to run the dog down to the SPCA for a low cost neuter or to my vet for a high cost neuter and if this dog has any issues which will take away from my busy schedule, you guessed it, it will end back on this list.

Common theme: Pets take time and money and I am not willing to spend either of them, but I really want a cute dog who will wait paitently for me to come home and let it out to potty. Bonus points if it can drop a litter, deductions if it drops a bomb on my new carpet.

Suggestion: If you must rehome your dog or cat, please please spay or neuter before you do.

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Rachael said...

I wonder if these people knew that dog fighting rings get bait dogs from these "free dog" adds they would be a little more careful about where they place this dog that they "care so much about"

Neuter is cuter.