Saturday, January 13, 2007

All Snuggled In

We are all snuggled in and ready for our MAJOR WINTER STORM. Typically the cold air stalls right before it hits Dallas, but we have had a lot of rain. The ground is completely saturated. With one new spay and bad hip, and one gimpy knee (Dottie's knee bothers her when it's cold and damp) and one wussy dog (Prissy) I have bitten the bullet and pulled out the pidde pads. I can't make one go out if I let one go in.....and while I don't like it, fortunately circumstances don't dictate it very often.

Cody is a bit baffled and has had some trouble hitting the target, but for the most part all are being honorable about aiming for the pad.

Greta was quite glad to be home and we had our first group nap this morning and she actually rolled on her back and squealed with delight. I put sweaters on the two spotty dogs because to keep them warm means the rest of us mortals are dying of heatstroke.

Of course, all this domesticity is wreaking havoc with my industrious plans for the weekend, but sometimes it's good just to chill with the rest of the gang. Well domesticity is, I suppose, a relative term-I cooked breakfast AND lunch and will probably cook dinner. I rearranged a snake cage and cleaned some stuff off my zip drive. Whew-it might be time for a second group nap!

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Thursday said...

Hello, Ms. Kay!

You, uh, left a little "accident" on my blog earlier today, and I've found out how to clean it up... 8)

Actually, you don't have to worry about unflagging it if you don't wish to, as they just keep an eye on how often a blog's been flagged to determine objectionable content. Frankly, my stuff's pretty mild, I think, so I won't be removed from circulation anytime soon.

Thanks for letting me know, though!