Friday, January 12, 2007

Hips vs. Heart

Greta is going to see a specialist to explore her options. From what I can piece together she did have surgery in October, but it was apparently botched or perhaps re injured (the lady had 9 other dogs). The other option is just to amputate. The cost of either surgery is about the same, the only difference being a consultation. It's worth a 100 bucks to know I explored every avenue.

Shit shit shit shit-that's what I say. My nice deed-go pick up a dog and have her spayed and find her a home is turning into a long involved process-expensive (ouch) and time consuming (trips to the vet and extensive therapy either way).

But here is the ironic and cosmic kick in the ass-I am going to have ankle surgery February 9 and be wheelchair bound, etc. So if I DIDN'T help that dog, I would have a good couple of months to sit and brood about why MY ankle was worth saving and her leg wasn't. That alone would probably do me in.

So, I am about to perform another masterful bout of planning and scheduling that will go down in the annals of money shuffling/times shifting history and Greta and I will perform the surgery recovery duet. We will be accompanied by my Uncle John, who is struggling with Parkinsons. In a multi tasking triumph, I am making arrangments to recover where he is located so we can spend time together and I won't be somewhere else worrying about him. And, part of that facility does allow pets. So now I have to call them and tell them I won't be alone....

Yet, I can't get all Mia Culpa about it. What better companion to have during recovery than someone who has similar issues? Maybe it is symbiosis, Greta has come to show me how to heal and move on. And the center likes small pets because it cheers up the residents-so Greta can become a therapy dog just like Dottie did this summer. It's a crazy plan-but it just might work.

This is my path...I head off in one direction and then all hell breaks loose-but I wouldn't change it for the world.

I get to pick Greta up this afternoon-the other kids were unsettled because she wasn't there last night. So it's official-she's part of the pack. Crap, I need to call cityvet and tell them to microchip her......

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Rachael said...

I worked with Dr. Chip Cannon (owner of CityVet) when he was a doctor at Trinity Pet Hospital. Mention Rachael at Trinity Pet (if he is your doctor) I was a kennel tech when He worked there.

Healing hugs to you and Greta, she is so lucky she found someone who cares.