Saturday, January 6, 2007

POI Dog Arrivez

The new project poi is here. She did well in her crate on the way home. Supposedly she has a limp because she had surgery two months ago....I doubt that. She supposedly has papers and is an AKC Chihuahua-possible-but my best guess based on the underbite and the wrinkled brow and the curled up tail is a chug-chi-pug. Or she could just be a big chihuahua with bad teeth. I hope the smell is that she is in heat-the lady mentioned she had never been in heat. It never dawned on me until I was driving home she could even be pregnant....the perils of dog rescue revealed.

She's fairly good natured and blended well with my dogs. My dogs are bit bossy, but very social, and once I introduce an animal to the pack it is a member of the pack.

She's used to being in a house (that was a problem with Cody) and she clearly enjoys a good lap. She displayed good feeding manners.

Since I hadn't even seen a picture of her I feel pretty lucky-as she will be easy to place. She seemed to be bonded with the lady's daughter and she's sturdy enough she would be ok with kids.

I'm happy and feel like I've done a good thing. I understand completely the urge to want to have a nice dog...and maybe have a whole kennel of nice dogs to play with and earn your living that way-but isn't how it usually works in West Texas unless your hubby makes a lot of money. And I am no angel-I have made some bad dog decisions. My only criticism is that the nice lady should have spayed this girl before giving her away. She isn't fit to breed, but she's the perfect size to pair with a tiny little male and crank out puppies for the next few years with bad underbites and bad legs.

Well, not this time. This time she'll get a tune up and a lap for life. Right now she's making due in my lap and doesn't appear to be at all dismayed by the situation. The fact that from this angle she looks just like my first chihuahua Ginger is kind of nice. Ginger didn't have an overbite but she had a long, humped back and short little legs. And, as she aged, she had a limp too.

We're having a nice gentle rain and the kiddos seems to be happy just to hang out and chew their bones and in Prissy's case, shred a little toilet paper. The snakes are all basking on their logs. I guess the score for the week is minus one Mouse, plus one temporary dog.

While doing a little Poi Dog research for real, I was taken by a line that said "The Hawaiians made no differentiation between pets and dinner dogs. They would play with a dog in the morning and eat him for dinner that evening. Maybe that will be (sort of) the spirit for my Poi dogs-love them as pets and then place them in proper homes. I like the sound of that too....

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