Wednesday, January 10, 2007

No Excuses

In the morning Greta will go for her check up and her surgery. She's doing really well, she gets so excited now that she knows the household routine. In the morning she now runs to the door and then wags her tail, very pleased that he KNOWs what's going to happen (be let outside for morning rounds). I know that the short term trauma of being pulled away from "home" yet again will subside, and next time she goes to the vet it will be for daycare, nothing more.

The whole gang is going in with her (it's housekeeper day anyway) and they'll do daycare. If Greta wakes up and is nervous I'll ask them to put her best pal Prissy in with her for comfort. If she needs it, Prissy can even spend the night with Greta. Since it's daycare day anyway, it is costing me no extra time at all.

When Dottie was spayed, I took her to the Humane Society (I had two to spay that day and little money to spare). It took me an extra 30 minutes in the morning and an extra 30 minutes in the evening to drop her off and pick her up and I think it was a whopping 45 dollars.

Prissy's scar is so small we can't even find it (she was spayed in Oklahoma by my mother's vet). Cody was neutered at a year old and never appeared to notice that anything had happened-he was just glad to be home.

It's just that easy people-drop the dog off, 30 minutes if you use a low cost center, pick the dog up...and whatever you spend-which is a lot less than what you'll spend if you have a litter to take care of. For those of you with males-take responsibility for you dogs! If you can't afford a spay/neuter, you cannot afford a dog. If you don't have time to take the dog to be neutered, you do not have time for a dog. If you think the dog will have issues if you spay or neuter, you need to invest in therapy for your own unresolved issues rather than buy dog.

In my perfect world, only breeding animals would be allowed to remain fertile-and you would have to have a license in order to own a fertile animal....and the fine for breaking the Law of POIDOGZ would be more than the cost to spay/neuter. Failure to provide subsequent proof of the surgery would result in loss of the dog, who would then be spayed and neutered and placed in a proper home.

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