Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A special guest appearance

Courtesy of my Cousin Cindy-this is an old photo of my Aunt Greta and her husband Charlie. I do think Greta the dog resembles her around the eyes. I am not sure what Aunt Greta's view on the afterlife was, but I can't imagine her coming back as a gimpy chihuahua in Wichita Falls, Texas. Maybe she meant to come back as a beloved pet, and somehow things went cockeyed.
Aunt Greta had a great sense of style, making custom fashions for the wealthy and even the famous. Greta the dog currently looks like a little Frankenstein's monster with a zipper belly and a shaved hip with a zigzag scar on it, accentuated by a bulldog under bite when she closes her mouth. She did manage to look regal in her fine Elizabethan collar until she crumpled it under the house. I bought her a new one, a fine red one, but she keeps pulling it off. Since she isn't picking at her incisions, I'm letting her have her way.
Aunt Greta made it out of Texas, via Oklahoma, into the big time and Hawaii. Poidog Greta has made it out of Wichita Falls into Big D. The adventure continues.

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