Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Layin Down the Log

Ok, since Cody "disappeared" under the porch last week, Greta has gotten stuck under the self same porch even without the E-Collar no less than three times. Enough I said, and I laid down the law, or rather the log. I rolled one of my logs in front of the hole until I can fence it off properly.

These logs came with the house-the former tenants used them for natural foot stools. The chi's use them for natural perches and I use them to plug holes in the fence, prop up barricades. One of the logs resembles a torso of David, only he, or it is a little more "alert". I have plans for that log-it is going to be featured in a photo shoot. I don't think I'll ever feel comfortable enough with the snakes to take them outside to photograph, so I am going to have the handyman bring David in this weekend, which means I will have to find another log to prop up the metal sheeting I am using to cover the hole in the fence. (I am a renter, so I would just fix the fence if the house were mine).

Not everything involving dogs is expensive. However, puppy mills and indiscriminate breeders tend to increase the numbers of genetically defective dogs, raising the changes that YOUR little cutie may have an expensive issue. Wanting to control breeding isn't about controling commerce or controlling the direction of a breed, it's about wanting to regulate the thoughtless production of crippled animals.

Now a confession. My Auntie Hilda sent me a poi-package to tide me over through my upcoming surgery. Confession 1. I had to eat some tonight. It was too late to make my planned crab salsa, so I simply mixed some dried tomatoes and one small onion (the POI wanted the onion....) and pan fried it in a bit of olive oil. Confession 2. The Poidogz were not invited to share.

I can't really justify that selfish act, but there it is. Thank you Auntie Hilda!

Tomorrow adventure: Greta gets ALL her staples pulled and I do the honor of holding her to see if that will make it easier on her and the vet staff. The brave Dr. at Cityvets, is meeting me at 9 am to help Greta take the next step in healing and socialization. The rest of the clan will join us for moral support and a day at doggy daycare.

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