Friday, January 26, 2007

Lethargy (mine)

The dogs are never lethargic and they never seemed overwhelmed. They are always excited about whatever is happening, and ecstatic about anything food related. Life is a big old adventure, even if it's just chasing a squirrel in the backyard. That is the nature of a dog. And that is why dogs as beings deserve to be treated with respect and love, and proper care.

Living in the moment is one of the lessons that dogs can teach us. What's happening now, what can I do right now? Tomorrow really isn't something they think about, and they certainly don't dread it. Nor does Dottie appear to sit around and wish she was young like Prissy. Instead, she (Dottie) values herself as she is, believing that her old bones and wisdom are superior to "that Pup". She is not threatened by Prissy's youth, she is secure in her own divinity.

I am writing this at lunch after a hectic morning meeting with the Caregiver service, the housekeeper (apologizing for the furniture boxes in the living room), our Director of HR, the Director of Internal Audit and my boss, the CIO. I tried to think like a dog, deal with the issue at hand and move on to the next one and somehow I got through the morning. I'm going to try it again this afternoon.

I can get the task oriented, living in the moment stuff down pretty well, but it will be awhile before I am secure in my own divinity.

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Rachael said...

Ah yes, my daily prayer. God, help me be more like my dog.