Sunday, January 14, 2007


Last night, during yet another group nap, I was lying in bed amongst the chihuahuas listening to the freezing rain pelt the window outside. Prissy was snuggled up against my ear, Greta and Cody were along either side, and Dottie was buried under a leg.....all sound asleep. I thought how lucky we all were that we were safe and warm and content. I idly wondered if they knew how lucky they were....and I laughed at myself immediately.

Of course they don't-they're dogs. They only know what is happening now-they don't sit and brood about the past. That's what makes dogs so wonderful and forgiving. We humans brought them into this complicated society, and it's up to we humans to look out for them-and to feel gratitude on behalf of the pack. Which I do.

This is a nice picture of Foster for your viewing pleasure. Foster is looking for a new gig-he's supposed to be a photography project, but his unfortunate habit of pooing every time he's picked up means he doesn't get used that often. He may end up as a classroom display/ambassador if the teacher can provide assurance that he will be well cared for.

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