Sunday, October 7, 2007

Each What He/She Needs

I'm still working on pulling Prissy aside and giving her something to do that I can praise her for. She sucks up the attention like crack cocaine. Actually I think crack is smoked but you get my point. Where was I? Oh yes, Priss likes to show off.

Bitty and Dottie seem to hold back, wanting only snuggles. Their performing days are over.

Greta's great joy (other than feeding time) is to ride shotgun in the truck. She's happy when the entire pack goes for a ride (really the only one who is) but when it's just she and I, she melts into a blob of gooey doggy contentment.

Cody is another snuggle bunny, but he is happiest when the pack is together. One on one is a little unnerving for him. (He was a kennel dog, so this makes sense).

Even Priss, after making sure she's gotten all the food Mom is going to give her, will start to look outside, back towards the gang. A little showing off is nice, but nothing beats the security of the pack.


Forever Young said...

i love the emotion in all your little stories, you are obviously a very dedicated person.

Debra Kay said...

Thanks-I do love all my kiddos. The love we share is the best thing. I believe loving something, anything is very important.