Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Trash Talking at the Fence

I'm on the fence with this one. I've seen my dogs charge the fence, barking, and I don't like that. But they appear to love the neighbor's dogs behind us. They all charge up, bark, shake their tales and after some trash talk they will all settle down.

Now, Ceasar calls that fence fighting, but this does appear to me to be entirely agression. I'm going to watch it and form my own opinon of what is going on.

Initially, I think there was agression, but now it appears to be just re-establishing boundaries.


Rachael said...

Does it happen only when they first go outside?

Debra Kay said...

Always. And sometimes they'll have a mid day romp/row. I'm getting pretty good at hearing a bark that needs to be investigated vs. a play bark. Some of the barking is just them barking at each other-my dogs are nothing if not vocal.

Actually, they've become more vocal since I quit trying to silence every noise, and I am beginning to think dogs vocalize more to each other than maybe we think.