Thursday, October 11, 2007

Don't Let your Dogs Overwhelm You

I love my dogs, but there are days.....What can I say? I'm just not up for barking and merrymaking and all that doggy stuff. That's when discipline-not punishment comes in. HINT: It works better if you've practice this a lot before hand.

My godsend is the crate. Crate means immediate quiet, a treat, settle in, relax. Because of that, there is never any reason for my dogs to "get on my nerves".

The point of this observation is that if you have a dog that is "too much for you" maybe the problem isn't with the dog. Animals, being animals, will exploit any weakness. What are you dogs telling you about yourself?


Rachael said...

Funny, I never find my dog annoying. Now the cat, thats another story.

Debra Kay said...

Well, cats are supposed to be annoying.

I was going to say I have five dogs, which makes it tougher, but things like feeding, letting them out, etc. we do en masse, so it's like one dog unit. One on one I am rarely annoyed, although sometimes my patience can be tried.