Monday, October 8, 2007

Beam Me Up Scotty: What IS it?

Beam Me Up Scotty: What IS it?

The reality is, it MAY really be a winter dog potty, at least for the winter. The two old dogs are not going to be able to tolerate cold and wet. So I will either have to designate the new screen room as potty, or build a potty station in the old screen room.


Rachael said...

my cats would just LOVE one of those. When I buy my own house, it must come equiped with a catsafe outdoor but still indoor room.

Debra Kay said...

Alas, the cat can't access this one-because the window is via the snake room and Pasht teases the snakes. I have big screened in Patio off the back porch, and that is where she goes for her "outdoor" time.

This neighborhood is not very "catty" so I am hesitant to let her out becaue there are no surrounding cat territories. She is old, and doesn't wander, but who knows?

I do let her go sit on the front porch in the afternoon if I'm here, but she's always good about coming back in if I leave, however, I would not allow a young cat out.