Saturday, October 13, 2007


I'm working out on the patio this morning and every dog has walked into the screen door at least once. The weather's nice and the A/C is off, but we didn't have screens at the other house-the door was either opened or closed. The screen is something altogether different.

It looks like nothing at all, but you can't walk through it. But you can smell through it. It doesn't hurt like a glass door.

The only dog that didn't walk into the screen door was Bitty, so she must be wise in the ways of household blockades.

Greta has taken up a station on the top step by the screen door, the better to solve this mystery. Dotty and Prissy can't be bothered It's prime sunning time, weather cool and the sun high and Daphne the dauschund is out next door.

Cody runs back and forth between the two groups, wanting to play but wanting to be sure the screen door is in fact still there and still a mystery.


Rachael said...

Thanks for the laugh! What would we do for entertainment without our pets huh!

Debra Kay said...

We'd sit and stare at the TV and let someone else feed us a view of what life should be like.