Saturday, October 6, 2007

Homecoming Miracle

Sometimes what does not happen is as miraculous and wonderful as what does. I actually remembered to close the snake room door when I left and that probably saved Pasht's life. Bette, my biggest python, got out while I was gone. I don't think Bette could swallow Pasht, but she could easily kill her.

Now, honestly, Pasht might deserve it, because she teases Bette. However, I love them both and don't want bad things for either of them. So, apparently Bette roamed the snake room and knocked some stuff over and then settled down on blanket by the window and watched the workmen build the screen room outside. (I'm sure I'll hear something about that later on.)

The other kids are enjoying the cooler air and their new treats out in the backyard. Bitty was amazing, she was fine at the kennel, glad to see me and glad to see "her backyard". For her, it was just another homecoming. What an amazing, resiliant little soul.


Forever Young said...

oh no, how scary, so glad it worked out well for you...

Debra Kay said...

I would have felt awful if the cat had been harmed-because it would have been completely my fault. Now I've got to figure out how Ms. Bette got out of her cage-naughty girl that she is.

It's actually easeir if a big snake gets out-they can't really hide. LOL. Silver linings.