Thursday, June 21, 2007

Run Free Little Poi Dog

I said goodbye to Dolly when I left Oklahoma, just in case. Turned out to be a good idea-she had another stroke and was put down. The vet, who was a substitute vet, cried too.

A tiny little fawn colored long coat-Dolly was the beauty dog. Mom and I bought Dolly and Dottie (Mom picked them both out) at the same time-they were not litter mates but came from the same kennel.

Dolly could communicate through a variety of methods,the stare, the silent bark, and my personal favorite-the back up to the rocking chair and bump it with her ass. This meant "take me out". She pretty much made that up on her own.

For some reason when I talked to Mom this morning I knew this would be Dolly's last trip to the vet, just like I knew our last sleepover was our last. I had hoped she would make it until I got moved in, but she had to go, and that's OK.

After we cried I was given strict orders not to stop on the way home and buy another dog. Prissy was my gift to Mom last year when Dolly started failing-and that didn't work out so well. So now the 4 Pois are co-owned by my parents. The cat also co-owns my parents with me. I think the snakes are all mine though.

Little spirits like that go on forever I'm sure of it. They cannot be contained in tiny bodies or any body at all. Run Free, little one.

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Rachael said...

Run Free Sweet Dolly.